Whack! A stone bounced on your windscreen, leaving behind a good-sized chip in front of your nose. Not only will it obstruct your sight, but if left untreated, it will soon cause a crack that will spread. A chip, if small, is repairable. So, act fast and avoid costly windscreen replacements; fix a chip today.

Types of Chips

Mentioned below are the most common types of windscreen chips or cracks and can be repaired if taken seriously. Cracks which are longer or have reached the edge of the windscreen will usually need replacement.

  • Bull’s Eye – It is the damage caused by a rock or other object, and is circular with a cone in the outer layer of the windscreen.
  • Chip – When a small piece of glass comes off the windscreen.
  • Edge Crack – It is a crack that starts within 2” of the edge of the windscreen or reaches the edge.
  • Half Moon – Damage caused to the glass which is similar to bull’s eye but is not completely circular in form.
  • Combination Break – When there are different kinds of breaks in the windscreen like a chip with cracks coming off, etc.
  • Star Break – It is a series of short radial cracks off the impact point and resembles a star.
  • Floater Crack – A type of crack that occurs in the middle of the windscreen and is not within 2” of the edge. 

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