After birth, raccoon babies stay in the nest while raccoon mom goes out to find food. She needs to eat to help produce milk for her young. They will be independent at 8 to 12 months.

What do baby raccoons eat?

Baby raccoons are completely dependent on their mom’s milk for the first six weeks. As they grow old, they learn how to forage by eating berries, insects, fish, andfrogs from their mom.

What to do when you find an abandoned baby raccoon


  • If it is bleeding or with injured limb?
  • Can you find the dead mother?
  • Does it have abrasions?
  • Is the baby matted or patchy?
  • Is its head tilted?
  • Is it cold?

What to do if you found an injured baby raccoon

Contain the baby raccoon in a small, dark, cardboard box. Place a t-shirt or towel to help keep warm. Do not feed it. Contact your local wildlife rehabilitator immediately.

Reuniting baby and mother raccoon

Raccoons are nocturnal, therefore, leave the baby out for a full night. If the mother doesn’t come back after one night, the baby is probably orphaned. Raccoons don’t abandon their young. Contact a wildlife rehabilitator for advice.

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