The dawn of 21st century brought about the communication revolution, which has put a cell phone in every pocket. Each and every person is ‘online’ and connected to his/her acquaintances all the time.

It has become a habit for most people to check their phones for texts or emails constantly.

Compelled by their habit and the peer pressure to respond, many a people don’t hesitate to reply a text even while driving, although, it is illegal and extremely dangerous to their own lives and those of others.

Texting while driving has overtook drunken driving as a leading cause for adolescent death.

It is, therefore, a need of the hour to let ourselves be informed about the severe repercussions that may arise out of our seemingly small habit to reply a text swiftly, even while driving.

We are going to discuss some shocking facts about texting while driving that may serve as an eye opener for the footloose mobile generation in a hope to save some lives. Drive Safe!

Check out the shocking statistics listed in the infographic below.