Arranged marriage is a scenario in which two people having similar cultural values are made to be married by their parents or a third party. In both old and new cultures of society, arrange marriage is a part of them. While a few societies consider guardians are deliberately choosing the existence accomplice of their kids, different cultures have proceeded with this custom even today. When talking about different cultures of the society, many benefits are associated with arranged marriage of both the parties, but on the other side, the statistics have shown the increasing probability of violence in the situation of arranged marriage.

The custom of arranges marriage is most usually found in eastern-based societies like Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Japanese. However, the same percentage of arranged marriage was once found in western culture too.  In the Elizabethan period, it was standard for parents in high society to mastermind relational unions among their kids to guarantee that they kept up the financial status and bloodlines that they incredibly esteemed. Bride’s parents would offer their daughter to the son of a family having the same economic status. Also, we can find many examples of successful arranged marriages in western society even today. So, it can be said that western part has not neglected the concept of arranged marriage, yet the percentage of it has decreased slowly with time.

Factors involved in arranged marriages

There are complex factors involved in arranging marriages sometimes. They are ordinarily socially and financially spurred and can go about as a bargain between families. The welfare of the bride and stability additionally assume a critical role during the time spent in the process of arranged marriage. A father is responsible for taking proper care of their children as it is his primary responsibility. By venturing into an arranged marriage for his daughter, a father can be guaranteed that the spouse will have the capacity to give financial stability to his daughter as a grown-up.

Culture plays a vital role in the process of an arranged marriage. Some customs of the society involve the tradition of arranged marriage as the beginning of a new millennium. What’s more, by and large, the children included are going to play a part with the thought, and others feel that they must agree to an arranged marriage for their family. While some other cultures may define arrange marriage as a trivial part of life. Every culture has its style of defining an arranged marriage.

Moreover, the factors involved are religion, age, family background, financial status in determining the right partner for the marriage. While the least attention is given to the idea of love, alongside the bride would likewise be a share, some of the time comprised of cash or property, a settlement was implied as the ladies commitment to the marriage, since it was customarily incomprehensible for a ladies to contribute financially to an income, the dowry went about as a supplemental source to the new family.

Pros and Cons of Arranged marriage

The statistics show that most of the arranged marriages are successful, but some still face challenges and difficulties. We can find many shreds of evidence which determines that arranged marriages have a higher rate of domestic violence and sexual abuse too. However, due to the cultural ties and family relationships and responsibilities, men and women do not report any such incident.

Arrange marriage guarantee that the new family is monetarily dealt with, and they frequently have reliable connections to family and their social network. A few couples do fall in love after they are hitched and are grateful not to have needed to search for adoration like a considerable lot of us do.

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