Certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR) states the status of an NRI as ‘single’. It provides immunity from legality in any country and eligibility to marry abroad. The application form of it is downloaded from the website of Indian embassy. Scanned documents, like applicant’s ID, address and birth proof and affidavit, are sent for MEA attestation. It’s a legal document that proves one’s legal capacity of marriage (CENOMAR). You can’t tie a knot in certain countries, like Manila, Philippines, US, UK, Indonesia, Malaysia and so on, without this certificate. It’s an authentic proof of your single status. This is why, it is popularly known as single status certificate. Earlier, I thought it was meant for the bachelors only. But later, its entire story was unfolded to me. Single status does not imply bachelorhood. Rather, it identifies that the applicant’s marital status is single. However, he/she can be married earlier. But later on, divorce can stamp such ones ‘single’ legally. In such circumstances, the applicant should have to show divorce papers.

Why CENOMAR is a mandatory document for wedding in certain countries?

Be it Certificate of No Impediment, Single Statement, No Marital Status Certificate and Negative Statement of Marriage, these are all synonymous.

This legal paper is recognized under Hague Conventions of 1961. This convention was setup for easing the process of completing documentation work of the aspiring migrants. Certain countries are abided by this international pact. India is one of those that favours Apostilled documentation.

Let’s discuss why the foregone certificate is mandatory.

  • As it’s a government document, it reveals the factual marital status of an individual.
  • It is an outcome of government search which declares that zero marriage record of the applicant.
  • In countries, like the US, it needs renewal. This norm of its renewal can be varied from country to country….

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