Data entry is a task which is all about great speed and accuracy. In spite of best efforts, at times, it is really difficult to achieve accuracy in data entry. In such a situation, you need to first understand the causes of data entry mistakes. These mistakes can be due to typing errors, transposition problems, problems related to wrong formatting and also about missing values. To improve such inaccuracy in data entry, you need to first consider the reasons for inaccuracies by finding the various sources which are leading to such inaccuracies. If such errors are caused due to work overload, steps should be taken to reduce the work pressure. It is also important to take time and review all work which is done. If data is double-checked, it will help in achieving accuracy. Also, it is often recommended to bring in changes in the work environment, which will help in building focus. It will be easier to achieve accuracy. For more information, check the infographic