Rodents are one of the most destructive animal species you will find in any home. They have very little limitation as to what they lay their teeth on. From the moment they set foot in your house, it never takes long before they invade every single room. What with their rapid reproduction rate. The infographic shows the most common places these creatures love to raid.
Our starting point would be to understand what brings these animals into your home. The most common factors are their need for food, love for dirt and light being one of their biggest enemies. You can see that the kitchen takes the largest percentage of 50%. Food is definitely the motivating factor in this case plus there are also dozens hiding places.
The living room comes next at 25% followed by the garage at 24%. Both these areas have places where the animals can hide and interbreed without being discovered. For example, if your living area is not tidy and things are cluttered all over, rodents will take advantage of the mess and hide in corners, inside the couches among other places. As for the garage, the fact that it is usually neglected and sometimes doubles up as the store makes it the perfect place for these bugs to create a home. There is little interference and the disorganization works well for them. They will collect food from elsewhere and come to eat from the garage.