This infographic clearly displays US Government 2020 spending by sector and includes data driven statistics about the distribution of public funds by Congress. The graphic has video action showing the flow of taxpayer dollars down into these sectors. The federal budget supports and funds numerous programs.  These federal programs access the money and pay private industry to help support their needs. This represents the flow of public funds into the private sector. The public and private sector work hand in hand and have a close relationship. Unfortunately this close relationship can lead to government fraud. The distribution of federal funding is a target for unscrupulous companies and fraudulent government employees. The massive amount of cash can not be completely tracked by federal agencies and investigators trying to prevent fraud and abuse. They rely on the public to report fraudulent behavior.  Those who report are known as whistleblowers. Whistleblowers are protected and rewarded for their actions. Qualified whistleblowers are high demand but most are not aware all the sectors where fraud exists.This infographic will help inform everyone of where government spending goes and where to look for fraud and abuse. 

These government programs and the monies they allocate inevitably attract fraudsters. Enormous budgets allocated to government procurement through the private sector create a staggering potential for abuse. Fighting this corruption, whistleblowers continue to help expose the persons and companies working to defraud these programs.