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Things You’ll Need, While On a Weight loss Diet

Thinking of starting a weight loss diet. Don’t forget to have a look at all the equipment that you might need, to make your diet successful. To get the best results, experts from our site have made an easy infographic of the things you’ll need on a weight loss diet. […]

Top 5 Places for Yoga – Around the World

Yoga is just one of the many ways in which you can lessen your stress level and lose weight. However to really get the best results from your yoga, you should really do it in a peaceful atmosphere with no distractions and nothing that will make you lose focus. So getting out of your house, and going somewhere new and silent is the best. Try one of the countries listed below for your next stress re […]

How to Buy Your First Yoga Wear?

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular sports activity and brings numerous health benefits to all those, who practice it. However, before you visit your very first yoga practice session, you need get the right wear. Choosing yoga wear doesn’t have to be confusing – the team at prepared an amazing infographic to guide you through the process:

Accessorize Your Yoga Wear Created by: E […]

Convenient and Best Ways for Burning Calories Fast

Eight Miraculous Vegetables for Swift Weight Reduction!

Along with the most effective and top 8 vegetables to reduce weight more in lesser time, provided also is very significant and elusive information regarding the weight loss for adults as well as kids. Know also about perfect dieting and sound health for all! read more […]

Some Approaches to Diet and Improve Health and fitness

The infographic “Ten Tips for Successful Fat Loss” is a great training tool. A poster for total overall health, it enumerates the primary steps for self-enhancement and individual improvement. The methods can be obvious for instance feeding on more healthy, acquiring more normal sleep, or enjoying just a little treat from time to time to aid will-power when they are dieting; but in straightforward […]

Infographics: US weight loss stats

In May 2012, statistics about weight loss were as follows: Total revenue for US weight-loss that includes diet pills, diet books and surgery was $20 Billion. There are 108 million Americans that go on diets and attempt it 4 to 5 times a year. 85% of them are women use various means to lose weight.


History of diets

Although diets and dieting have been around for centuries, it is only in the past 100 or so years that it has been used for aesthetic purposes. In this infographic you will be able to view some of the more popular diets of the past century.


How effective is Raspberry Ketone for weight loss?

Are raspberry ketones the answer to your weight loss problems? Check out our new infographic to find out more :



Garcina Cambogia- Weight Loss Infographic

Garcinia Cambogia Extract (HCA) has been hailed as the most exciting weight loss breakthrough discovered to date by Dr Oz, due to impressive results in clinical studies. Garcinia Cambogia also known as tamarind is a pumpkin shaped fruit which is native to southern asia and some parts of Africa. A study made in 2004 found that Garcinia Cambogia Extract was linked to a reduction in body weight, BMI, […]

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