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Partner Visa Costs Compared Around The World

Australian partner visa application fees are currently at $6,865 and this project is about tracking the increase from 2004 to 2016.

Included is also a comparison of processing times compared with North American, European and Asian nations.

Who is Funding Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders, a self-identified democratic socialist has concerned himself with middle class issues like the growing wage disparity and promoting renewable energy sources. As of 31 Jan Sanders raised a total of $96,311,423 for his election campaign. 98% of the money contributed is from individual contributors. A whopping $80,626,723 of the total amount collected is from small contributors who of […]

Social Media: A Game-changer for the 2016 Elections

As the Presidential election nears, candidates vying for the highest seat in the government are taking social media by storm to reach out to the hearts of the voting public. Social media can be a game-changer for the Presidentiables. While different strategies are in place, you ought to know who shines the brightest on major social media platforms. Here’s an infographic to show you the current sta […]

The 20 Biggest Epic Battles in World History (Infographic)

The current world is the most peaceful our planet has ever been. War and violence is at an all-time low. But this hasn’t always been the case. This infographic digs into the biggest battles the world has ever seen, and the sizes of each side involved. –My Family Silver


The Royal Baby… Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know

The Royal Baby has been the topic of conversation for weeks and weeks now and hit an all time high when Kate went into labout and delivered Prince George – The Royal Baby. This is an infographic with some great facts and stats, some crazy, others just good to know. […]

The Luck of The Irish in America Infographic


Malta General Election 2013 Infographic


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