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Training Your Dog with Luring Techniques

Luring is a training technique for dogs that enables the trainer to have the dog move to different positions without grabbing the dog or touching him in any way. The luring technique is much quicker for the trainer to see results in the dog. There are many rules to follow when training a dog using lures if you want to do it the right way. This infographic will highlight the right things to do and […]

Benefits Of 4Knines Dog Seat Covers — 4Knines dog seat covers and cargo liners for cars and trucks provide several benefits. These include premium materials, easy to clean and maintain, complete waterproofing of the seat bottom, being able to use the complete seat without removing the cover, with or without hammock, and much more. […]

Dog Lovers

The bond between dogs and people is undeniable. They are our gentle companions and loyal protectors. For dog lovers everywhere, it only makes sense for us to return the favor. Now you can with ADT home monitoring. 


What to do if you Find a Stray or Feral Cat

Feral cats are cats that live on their own in the wild because they were abandoned by their owner, lost their way from their original home, or were born to a feral or stray mother cat. Feral cats live ‘on the streets’ and have had little to no human contact. There are varying degrees of being feral. A totally-feral cat has had no human contact or abusive human contact, will be extremely fright […]

Thinking About Becoming a Dog Trainer? Infographic

Have A look to infographic ; Thinking About Becoming a Dog Trainer?

A History of Crufts

This infographic created by Vet Medic shows the entire timeline of the world famous Crufts dog show.


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