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How to Save on Your Energy Bills

Your energy bills is increasing day by day and you are unable to save bills. Here are some tips on how to save on your energy bills. […]

Emergency Plumbing Problems Everyone Should Be Alert Of

This is an infographic on the emergency plumbing problems that everyone should be alert of which includes overflowing sewage, escape of gas or fumes, frozen and burst pipes, and failure in Heating Systems. […]

What Is Safety Signs And Does Every Possible Risk Needs A Safety Sign?

Nothing is more important than keeping your employees, visitors and of course yourself safe from any harm or danger at the workplace. However, there is a strong myth that is every risk or hazard requires a safety sign, which is completely untrue. Using or hanging too many signs on the work site will be ignored or will not be read, so use safety signs only where there is a significant danger or se […]

The 10 Most Controversial Topics for 2014

This is an infographic on the 10 most controversial topics for 2014. The year 2013 rolls by and now 2014 comes in with a promise. With that promise are some issues that will surely be tackled as the days come. […]

A Radical View of Chinese Characters

Growth in the number of people learning Mandarin as a second language is exploding. Find out how learning radicals–the building blocks of the Chinese language–is easier than you think. […]

Buying American Fuel

Most people aren’t aware that they have a choice in picking where their fuel comes from. When buying American energy, you support the American economy, create American jobs, and increase American energy security. […]

Elderly Horse Care Tips

There is an increasing number of older horses and many of these horse’s are still very capable of continuing to perform athletic activities into their 20s and even 30s. However, their bodies do go through some changes that horse owner’s need to be mindful of in order to keep their old friend happy and healthy. […]

Found Pounds

If you’re looking to put more cash in your pocket, adding a few skills can make the difference. Find out how to turn know-how into quid in our infographic, Found Pounds. […]

How Much is Your Body Worth on the Black Market?

It’s illegal to sell organs in every country save Iran, yet millions of transplants happen yearly, and only some of the organs are donated. Welcome to the infamous “Red Market.” […]

Mortgage and Finance: From the Recession to Now

This infographic provides a snapshot of the mortgage and finance industry in 2013 […]

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