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Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Portable Keyboard Piano

This guide aims to help beginner piano students find the best keyboards which suits their needs. There are so many options and so many models to choose from — this guide should help newbies find the perfect keyboard in a short span of time! […]

Learn Musical Instruments Online

Accu Music School offers online classes for learning various musical instruments to the beginners as well as to those who are more advanced. The teachers are highly qualified professionals who are available to the students at a more affordable price. […]

History of the Guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world and has had a major influence on modern music.  The average price for a quality entry-level guitar is $200-$400.  The guitar can often be found in the popular and folk music in many countries and it may be part of the rhythm section in jazz ensembles.  The three types of the modern acoustic guitar are the classical (with nylon strings) […]

6 Electronic music production tips you should know

Big fan of electronic music. Check the following infographic which will let you know some basic tips when you learn about Electronic music production. For more about music courses check […]

Women in Music – By Numbers

Women in Music – By Numbers

The perfect gift for a woman. The letters of her first name transcribed into musical notes and arranged into a 3 minutes melodic composition. […]

What is indie music and how do you define it?

In today’s music climate, three major labels control about 70% of the revenue while the rest of the labels have to scrounge in order to have a chance at being profitable. However, that scrounging is becoming easier due to internet streaming sites.

Source: […]

Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

Infographic: Can Anyone Learn to Sing? reveals the truth about singing. Many research studies show that “bad” singers can actually distinguish pitches quite well. The truth is that only 5% of people are truly tone deaf and the rest of the population can develop singing skills. The infographic then explains reasons why some people may not be able to sing well and how to remedy these problems. H […]

Dead Rockers: Infamous VIPs of the 27 Club

The infamous 27 Club is a group of classic rock music’s deceased elite, consisting of prominent rockers who died unexpectedly and far too young, at the age of 27. They five most popular examples are Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, and Amy Winehouse. Though they existed in various eras of music, they shared a similarly-timed demise, at the height of their careers and often du […]

Michael Jackson Infographic

Check it this infographic for facts about pop music sensation Michael Jackson. Find out about the star’s career, music, nicknames and more! If you are a Michael Jackson fan or just want to learn a little bit more about this pop icon you will not be disappointed.


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