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Defending Your Apartment from Alien Invasion

The various types of aliens and how to defend yourself – and your apartment- from their inevitable invasion. […]

Building LEGO Megastructure 101

If you are like me, there isn’t a better way to spend some of your free time than to build a LEGO megastructure. Get started with this amazing experience with this informative infographic prepared by the team at! […]

The 7 Types of People You Find in a Restaurant

Whether we like it or not, dining out in a restaurant would mean sharing a room with a lot of strangers. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, we can’t help but be affected, or even be annoyed of some unusual behaviors from our fellow dinners. Here are some them.

Infographics Created by Gourmet Society Philippines […]

Why Writing is Better Than Sex

Courtesy of: Global English Editing
Throw away that condom and pick up a pin, because after reading our 10 reasons why writing is better than sex, you’re going to spurn fornication and write that best seller you have always dreamed about. Enjoy! […]

The funny things job applicants used as the ice breakers on their resumes

Motivating someone through laughter is often a folly for a fool. To many people they wrongly think of the resume as an ice breaker and a way to connect to the insides of an organization, when nothing could be further from reality. As you can see in this infographic created by Almagreta, author of the templates professionally designed for your resume.

Using your talent and skill like a vaudevil […]

The Joker-Massacre in Aurora (Infographic)

This infographic  presented by NYC criminal Lawyer, explains the complete story of America’s most horrible massacre- The Holmes Shooting at Aurora. The story is narrated by detailing the build-up and the massacre, the shooter’s profile.


If Web Browsers Were Celebrities Funny Infographics

Have a look to this funny infographic By Nerdgraph , If If Web Browsers Were Celebrities ;


Gangnam Style Infographic

This infographic is concerning Gangnam vogue, a brand new reasonably music from Korea. It contains variety of stats centred around Gangnam vogue, the Gangnam space itself and therefore the creator Psy, who’s song ‘Gangnam style’ hit best on the youtube a hundred. it had been free by coupon audit. […]

Amazing Horse Facts

The infographic is full of amazing facts about this incredible animal such as the fastest recorded sprinting speed of a horse, the number of horses in the World and plenty more. […]

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