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IVA Myths Debunked – Logican Solutions

To put your mind at ease, here are the six most misrepresented IVA ‘facts’ that you likely will have heard, and the truth behind them. To discover more about IVA software or how to manage debts easily, contact Logican on 0800 084 2724 or visit our website […]

Debt Management Options – Logican Solutions

It is important to know what debt management options are available, as well as the differences between them. Knowing the intricacies between the various debt management options will help you decide how to go forward. For more information visit […]

Best 6 Steps to Starting a Successful Online Business – Infographic

Second Online Income based on the best ideas for successful online business & How to start a business online. Starting an online business shares many of the challenges, risks and difficulties inherent to just any type of business. Before you get your new business off the ground, there’s much to do, and many considerations to take. […]

Did you know these famous people trained as accountants?

Learn about famous people who are accountants by education. Now they are politicians, businessmen, musicians, sportsmen, writers, actors and many others. Do these names sound familiar to you: Mick Jagger, Allen Carr, Robert Plant, Janet Jackson, Filippo Inzaghi, Chuck Liddell,Moody? Then see the Infographics! […]

Infographic: How to avoid unfair bank charges

UK current account holders are being charged as much as £900 a year for going into their overdrafts without permission. They are also facing multiple, often unfair bank charges linked to these supposedly ‘free’ accounts.

Are we entitled to free banking?

The research has triggered an interesting debate around whether UK consumers should actually expect their banking to be free.
Some people a […]

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