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Global Automotive LED Lighting Market is estimated to touch US$ 22.3 Bn By 2021

The first five-year (2017-2021) cumulative revenue is projected to be US$ 22.3 Bn, and is expected to increase significantly to US$ 36.7 Bn, over the latter part of the five-year forecast period (2022-2026).

Global Automotive LED Lighting Market: Segmental Snapshot

By application: The exterior segment is estimated to register a CAGR of over 10%, thereby accounting for highest revenue share a […]

What You Need to Know About Home Automation

What You Need to Know About Home Automation infographic
The home automation phenomenon now sweeping across the United States is leading to more people using internet and wireless technologies to make their homes safer and more efficient.

Source: […]

The Pros & Cons of Jailbreaking Your iOS Device

The Pros & Cons of Jailbreaking Your iOS Device infographic
Jailbreaking is legal and allows you to customize your iPhone without any restrictions. However, before you jailbreak there are a couple of things you need to understand. Although there are quite a number of positive aspects such as a wide range of tweaks and themes as well as ability to customize your device in any way you like, […]

Nevada Gun Laws & Gun Ownership By State

Nevada Gun Laws & Gun Ownership By State infographic
At Ladah Law Firm, we advocate for safety & accident prevention and we believe in personal responsability. We created this infographic with the intention of helping people understand the laws surrounding open & concealed carry as well as a number of other related Nevada gun laws.

This is meant for information purposes only &a […]

Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation – Exposing HOW the Pokies Play You

Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation – Exposing HOW the Pokies Play You infographic
Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation lifted the lid on the insidious nature of pokies and the gambling industry, and now this summary and infographic shows you exactly HOW they achieve this through a scientific attack on multiple levels – both physical and emotionally based. You don’t play the pokies in Australia, the pokies play you.

Sou […]

Condo Values Near the University of Texas Austin

Condo Values Near the University of Texas Austin infographic
Statistics of condo sales in the West Campus area of UT Austin. Data provided includes sales volume year over year, median prices and more market statistics that would be useful to anyone looking to buy or rent a condo in the area.

Source: […]

How to Minimize Air Conditioning Bills Without Affecting Efficiency

According to research heating and cooling systems are responsible for approximately 54% of your utility bill. This astounding shouldn’t make you consider switching off the air con anytime soon since we’ve got a perfect strategy to help you keep warm or cool without spending a fortune.

As the infographic suggests, one of the most effective ways of curbing air conditioning costs is to upgrade you […]

How to Start a Food Blog?

How to Start a Food Blog? infographic
Food is something that brings people together. Whenever one wants to cook a special item or a delicious delicacy for gatherings and special occasions, they turn to internet for its recipe. This is why food blogs are evergreen. If you have a love for food, then you should definitely start a food blog. Food blogging does not necessarily be complicated. In fact, […]

Divorce Process in California Infographic

This infographic is a visual representation of the divorce process in California from start to finish. This covers both contested and uncontested divorces. When using this chart, it’s important to understand if you’re the Petitioner or the Respondent, because that impacts your rights and obligations.

The infographic is meant as a brief overview of the divorce process. Other factors, such as a div […]

The Top Surprising Health Benefits of Turmeric

The Top Surprising Health Benefits of Turmeric infographic
Turmeric is one of the most useful herbs containing essential nutrients and antioxidants. Turmeric contains bioactive components known as curcuminoids. Curcumin has antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

This infographic summarizes some of the top health benefits of turmeric right from its anti-cancer […]

What Young People Need To Know About Sex Laws

So many young people today are walking around uninformed and uneducated about sex laws. As a result, more and more young people are finding themselves involved in situations they shouldn’t be in. This infographic covers, age of consent, what constitutes consent, aiding and abetting and much more. The Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg encourages everyone to stay informed about the sex laws in your ar […]

10-minute guide to Knee Replacement

10-minute guide to Knee Replacement infographic
Knee replacement is one of the most sought after surgical treatment for patients suffering from knee joint ailments. While earlier, people had no choice but to accept the fact that they could no longer move about freely, knee replacement promises to help regain both mobility and a better quality of life.

Since its beginnings in the late 1960’s, k […]

Oldest Bookmakers

Oldest Bookmakers infographic
A bookie is a person, and often a firm that accepts bets on the outcomes of sports matches and other events, which can be not connected with sports. For example, in England, it was possible to bet on the sex of the baby born by Duchess of Cambridge.

And to make a bet you should find a good betting shop. Here is an infographics which presents when and by whom were […]

6 Ways to Build a World Class Sales Development (SDR) Team

Over 350 leading B2B companies reveal how to structure your sales development team to help your business grow.
Learn how much to pay your sales reps and how to structure sales quotas and compensation. How long should you train your SDRs before they are making sales and how long should you expect them to stay with you.

Source: […]

How and Where Rodents Invade in Your House

Rodents are one of the most destructive animal species you will find in any home. They have very little limitation as to what they lay their teeth on. From the moment they set foot in your house, it never takes long before they invade every single room. What with their rapid reproduction rate. The infographic shows the most common places these creatures love to raid.
Our starting point would be t […]

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