Public policy has been the backbone of the legal system, governing how officials deal with issues the communities face. You can find many examples of public policy in the news; the use of the death penalty as a deterrent to crime, standardized tests in schools, taxing of the rich, etc.

In the American political landscape, the effects of public policy have made and broken political careers. People have often used such policies as a barometer for the quality and efficacy of leadership abilities. The purpose of public policy being to recognize and address the issues the public face everyday; drafting effective policy requires the ability to creatively and properly delegate, characteristics good leaders possess. The best leaders have a good grasp of what their public’s concerns are, and can efficiently solve any issue. These leaders exhibit a good working emotional IQ (or EI), and can even get opponents to work together. Political leaders are often remembered for their policies.

This infographic (Source) created by the University of Southern California displays some of the most influential public policy implementations.

5 Ways Public Policy Has Changed the Justice System

Courtesy of University of Southern California