Dogs are guardians of their families. But they perform especial duties when a baby joins a family. Dogs become a nanny for this baby from the day the new born arrives in the house.

For thousands of years, dogs have been babysitting children and with utmost care. This is why some breeds such as Pitbulls are known to be nanny breed dogs.

Dogs do all the duties of a regular babysitter. They play with babies, make them laugh, grab their toys, follow babies around, protect baby from harm or strangers, listen to babies as they learn to speak, do sniff health checks, offer piggy back rides, teach baby to crawl, walk, and run, act as a pool lifeguard when a child is at the pool, love to be your child’s sidekick and much more.

Babies and later children become emotionally attached to their dogs. They learn to be patient listeners, become empathetic, develop a sense of humor, learn to cope with stress and anxiety, and overall grow healthier when they are dogs around.

You cannot get this type of benefits from having other pets. Only dogs can babysit your child and build a friendship with your children that can last a lifetime.

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