WordPress is Booming in CMS – See Surprising Statistic Till June 2016

There is no doubt that WordPress is the best platform for blog and website, but do you know how WordPres is become so popular in this year ?

Whether it is web developer or web developers or users everyone is happy with this ease to use platform because they have some remarkable reasons to use this content management system like,

– Opensource
– Easy to use platform
– Huge variety of themes
– Vast free plugin and software library
– SEO Friendly
– Security

Here we have found one of the interesting infographic created by Perception System’s team, which is contains with incredible statistics:

– Every 22 domains out of 100 Run on WordPress in US
– 47 % website out of 1 million site build with WordPress
– New blogs published on WordPress in every 5.7 seconds
– WordPress searches more than 4,40,000 per month on google

Go through this infographic you will find some amazing information about WordPress.

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Farooq Ahmed

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