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Health & Safety significance

Health and safety is of prime importance to hypnotherapy

If under prescription of any medication, we will need to know what this is to ensure that the treatment design is customised for the healthiest result..

weight loss motivation. Any medical conditions such as Epilepsy and MS maybe require a specialised ‘focus treatment‘. We advise that they can only be treated in clinic or via a home/office visit for maximum health benefits, with it still being possible to do most other treatments online when required.

Is it normal to be apprehensive about hypnotherapy ? or is it better to remove any apprehension to discover better solutions for current problems which are still ongoing, presenting a risk to health or age or lifestyle. We help do this. Treatments are best performed in our clinic. .

Appointments are best made 1 week in advance to ensure waiting times are avoided or for urgency contact us.

The British Medical Association acknowledged & approved the use of hypnotherapy as a valid medical treatment to improve health in 1955,understanding the effectiveness of it as discovered by “James Braid”, used by “Sigmund Freud”. Health of all our clients is a priority as it effects our future business.

Our treatment procedure involves 3 stages:

Treatment customisation

Carrying out the treatment

Follow up session to ensure results are produced

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