Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Here at Plain Paper Box, we love watches. We understand that, while some of our customers are familiar with our favorite watch brands, many are not. Here are some of our favorite brands and what we love about them. Now, we have an easy-to-reference graphic to tell you a little about each of our brands. From luxury to fashion, they’re all here

Water Resistant Measurements

Is my watch waterproof? What do ATM and BAR mean? My watch is 50 meter water resistant, so that’s fine for snorkeling, right? Water resistance is one of the topics about watches that has the most misunderstandings. We hope this infographic helps our customers to better understand exactly what the water resistance ratings mean and when and where they should wear their timepieces.

Posters Are Gaining Popularity

The companies offer different types of poster templates are providing businessmen with the opportunity to create professional looking posters in the fastest way. This in turn will be of great help to them in promoting their business, services and products.

The Big Friendly Phone Comes with Amazing Features Perfect for Older Generation

The revolution in simple handset design for Elderly. The Big Friendly Mobile Phone has measured every small need of the senior citizens while designing this phone. In case you are wondering that the phone is just for the elderly, think again! For everyone who fantasise a great handset and tired of little buttons or touch screens, this is a must buy. The phone wins across all the rating categories. Its stylish white and black design is attractive. Moreover, the simplicity of the desktop charger adds yet another feather to the phone. Immaculate engineering is all that one can say about big friendly mobile phone. So what are the main features that instigate you to buy this phone? After a profound research, we come up with the Infographic on why is the Big Button Mobile Phone a must buy for everyone!

PPC Services India

PPC India is a simple

form of advertising where it would require paying directly to the search engines. PPC Company India provides Paid advertising and Pay Per Click Management services to drive more traffic on your business site and promote it through paid ads over the World Wide Web. Effective and powerful management of PPC Campaign increase its ROI and drives many benefits to business site such as instant traffic, targeted audience and more clicks for high commercial intent ads.You can check some important steps for PPC campaign in the infographic. As the profit concern of a business depends on this factor. Popularizing your business becomes a big concern for new businessperson and hence knowledge about PPC Management is considered necessary.

Five Decades of Fashion

A fashion journey from leave-it-in-the-past crazes to trends that are still leading fashion today. Fashion retailer Simply Be provides a look into the past five decades of fashion before setting its sights on the future to see what you will be wearing.

Funny Infographic about IRS Refund

According to a lot of reliable resources, 75% of Taxpayers receiving Tax refund in 2013. Do you have any plan to use this amount of money, things like: home renovation, education, personal training or just saving? Let’s discuss this topic after taking a look at our infographic.

Eye-Opening Statistics on Littering: Infographic

Littering is a big problem that’s why we need companies that haul away garbage for us. To visually see just how much waste is wasted each year I created this infographic. The infographic is titled, ‘Littering Statistics.’ Here are some highlights from the littering infographic: Total annual amount spent on cleaning up litter yearly $11.5 billion. Percent of all littered items that are cigarette butts 50%. Percent of people who have admitted to littering in the past 5 years 75%. Total amound of litter that is dumped into the ocean every year 9 billion tons. The average number of steps a person will hold a piece of trash before they litter 12 paces. The most common objects used in littering statistics include aluminum, glass, other, plastic, paper, and fast food. Total amound of trash generated each year in the U.S. 250 million. This infographic was prepared by a company called As you can see by these littering statistics it’s not going away any time. One bright spot I see with people smoking less and less we will hopefully eventually have 0 waste from cigarette butts. Thanks again for taking the time to look at these eye-opening statistics on littering. There is nothing worse than a dirty, run down, city lets do our part to clean it up!

Gamepad Evolution in a Nutshell Infographic

Do you know that the next generation’s high tech pad Dual Shock 4 for PS4 is almost around the corner? I hope you do.

Sony’s new controller will offer the new six-axis sensor, Light Bar, ’Share’ button and even an integrated speaker. It seems to be a big revolution in the world of pads.