8 minute Digital Detox With Tea

Art of Tea is an award winning boutique importer and wholesaler of organic tea and specialty teas. This Infographic is about 8 minute Digital Detox With Tea. Art of Tea provides teas to high end restaurants, hotels, spas, teahouses, cruise lines, the gourmet sector and specializes in custom blends.


Blackjack: Hit or Stand?

New players often ask themselves how to master their abilities on card games, especially on those with higher odds of winning such as Blackjack. You can’t become a pro if you don’t master the very basic rules and strategy of the game. That’s exactly why we have created this infographic for you with the help of Greg Elder, a professional gambler and author of books such as “Gamblers Fight Back” and more. If doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned gambler or if you’re just interested on having fun casino themed parties at your home, our “Blackjack: Hit or Stand” infographic will teach you the basics so you can master your game in no time. This graph is based on the multiple deck casino rules used on both Atlantic City and Las Vegas casinos, so it can be used not only while playing online but also if you decide to go on a gambling trip.

Emerging Market Turkey & Coupon Codes 2013

The emerging market Turkey is growing fast and the infographic have some insights about coupon codes in 2013 in Turkey. The Turkish ecommerce had a volume of $17bn in 2012, they representing a 41% CAGR. Turkey has 36M internet users. Europes 6th biggest economy by GDP. 60% credit card penetration. The European average is lower than 50%. 7th largest in numbers of Facebook users. 3rd highest engagement in Europe measured in hours online after UK and Netherland. Turkey is no more the hidden champion. After this development the couponing market is growing fast. With this infographic we will show you some insights about the strategic ways of using coupon codes and show some infos how can benefit online companies especially the ecommerce player which need more drive for your business. Understanding the business to track, retarget and measure of each coupon codes is bringing the success for your company. And the deferred view to daily deal sites like groupon and couponing platforms. Showing how often do they use daily deals vs. Coupon codes. Finally Turkey is a huge market. Target for online shopping via cards in 2023 exceeds 250bn EURO and all the numbers about Turkish ecommerce market is keep growing. It is estimated that card payments will reach to 15bn EUROs this year in ecommerce.

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Do you like a girl? How can you tell if she likes you or not? It’s nerve-wracking isn’t it? Dating isn’t easy but something can help you: you can learn to read her body language and her behaviors! Knowing how to read someones body language can be very helpful especially when it comes to dating. Women (and men) are pre-programmed to send out physical clues when they’re interested in someone. Here’s a list of 30 signs of attraction, also known as indicators of interest. These are 30 clues that say she’s interested in you. For instance if she laughs at your joke, even when they aren’t funny, that can be a sign of attraction. If she punches your arm while laughing, that can be another sign of attraction. Of course, some signals are more important than others. For example tuning her body towards you is normal in a conversation but asking you if you have a girlfriend can be a very important clue. Remember this rule of thumb: you need to read these signals always thinking about the situation you’re in. The same signal in different situations means different things. Always use commons sense in order to evaluate the situation.

Funny Infographic about IRS Refund

According to a lot of reliable resources, 75% of Taxpayers receiving Tax refund in 2013. Do you have any plan to use this amount of money, things like: home renovation, education, personal training or just saving? Let’s discuss this topic after taking a look at our infographic.

Gamepad Evolution in a Nutshell Infographic

Do you know that the next generation’s high tech pad Dual Shock 4 for PS4 is almost around the corner? I hope you do.

Sony’s new controller will offer the new six-axis sensor, Light Bar, ’Share’ button and even an integrated speaker. It seems to be a big revolution in the world of pads.

Crazy Facts about American Truckers Infographic

Jobs in the Trucking Industry

America depends on its truck drivers to move goods and raw materials to where they are needed. Twenty-nine percent of freight is hauled by trucks, surpassed only by the railway network, which moves 40%. Less than one percent of freight transport is by air.

It’s the 3.5 million individual U.S. truck drivers who make this possible, each one driving an average of 105,000 miles per year. The value of the work they do is steadily increasing. Did you know that the average annual income for U.S. truck drivers has gone up by more than 50% in the last four years? It’s now at $55,000 per year.

Find out more about U.S. truckers and trucking companies at Trucker to Trucker.

Search Homes For Sale In Utah

UtahHomesToGo.com is the best available home search in Utah. We offer a free search with access to thousands of foreclosures, short sales, & hud homes. See virtual home tours, addresses, prices, and more. We even offer absolutely free assistants from a professional real estate agent if you need help finding that perfect home as well as the ability to setup a home showing with just a click of the button. Our coverage area goes from Logan, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Provo, and even as far South as St. George. Try our exclusive Utah home search for yourself and see the difference! Are you on the go a lot? Use your mobile phone, Ipad, or tablet to search homes as well. Our site is also specially designed to also support those people who are on the go and need a home search for when they are on the go. It’s simple, fast, and effective. What are you waiting for? Find that perfect home, land, cabin now!

Do You Love Your Publisher?

We conducted a major survey of more than 300 professional authors in the UK – the largest recent such survey conducted – and asked them about their relationships with their publishers. The authors we approached were typically very experienced: they mostly had literary agents, plenty of book deals outside the UK, and two thirds of them had published three or more books.

How much we get benefited if we shop using coupon codes

We really cant save much on regular shopping as we always wait for festival seasons for offers and clearance sales and we rarely save on it. Unnecessary waiting for offers is worst if we have ample of coupon codes available online for instant use. Find out some best coupons that offers you maximum savings from website like clicksnm and start using total money you save on shopping in purchasing some other using items for home improving and for family tours or for your favorite entertainment show.

Pet Fire Safety Tips Infographic

Did you know that over 40,000 pets are killed each year by fire? In this infographic, Metropolitan Veterinary Center, an extended hours primary care and emergency vet in Chicago, presents the cold hard facts about fire and your pets. In this visual breakdown of the numbers, you’ll gain valuable insights into the causes behind the most common pet related fire incidents AND how to protect your pet, your family and yourself so that you hopefully never experience a fire firsthand.