Trendy Mother’s Day Gifts 2015 Ideas- Reap the Benefits of Digital Age Infographic

Affordable Digital Gifts for Mother’s Day 2015

Take a look at the Mother's Day 2015 gift ideas featured in our infographic, and they will become your top picks for Mother’s Day 2015. We are living in 2015, and have to take advantage of all the options, this age has to offer- and this means you can use modern IT, web and mobile applications, to make an impression on your Mother. How many of your friends recorded a loving video or voicemail greeting?  See our infographic and be amazed of eight unique gift ideas for your Mom.
Did this list of Mother’s Day Gifts 2015 made by professional voicemail greeting for mom inspire you? Well then, select which gift to give and go make your Mother happy.  

trendy mother's day gift ideas

Employee Recognition: Managers who are first class “Noticers”


Employee recognition is an increasingly important management requirement in the workplace, with a number of research studies showing the importance of staff engagement and appreciating employees for their daily positive contributions to the team. Managers who are good at appreciating their staff’s efforts tend to be first class ‘noticers’ and have the awareness to recognise who is making a positive contribution on a regular basis. This infographic shows 10 things that this type of manager looks to notice in the workplace.

Osteoarthritis Clinical Research Center, Charleston

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5 Things You Need To Know About Aran Sweaters – An Infographic

The Aran Jumper or Sweater takes its name from its original home the Aran Islands, which are a group of three islands off the west coast of Ireland. The 1,200 inhabitants of the Islands primarily speak Irish (Gaelic) as well as fluent English. The Aran Sweater found its name in popular culture in the United States when it was featured in Vogue in the 1950s. The original sweater was water resistant due to the lanolin (a wax like substance) secreted by the sheep from which the wool used to knit the jumper was taken from. It was primarily the Islanders wives who knit these jumpers before mass production took place in modern times. The Aran Jumper or Sweater is distinguished by the unique pattern, which is evident throughout the garment particularly on the chest. Inhabitants of the Islands have been producing local versions of the sweater for several centuries but it is believed that the current knitting pattern was invented in the early 1900s. This was due to the Islands women thinking beyond their own homes with a view to producing a jumper that would sell. The commercially available Aran knitted patterns were produced in the 1940s. The jumper’s popularity was added to in the 1960s when the Irish folk group The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem made it their trademark. They wore the Aran Jumper on a televised performance for John F Kennedy and they also appeared on the Ed Sullivan show with it. You can see from the infograph the history and background to the Aran Sweater and its patterns.

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Drug and Alcohol Deaths

Drug and alcohol cost million lives every year. Excessive intake of these substances can harm your health. It affects different body organ, including the brain. In the US, alcohol is the most frequently use addictive substances. Addiction is a psychological disorder characterized by obsessive craving to drugs and other addictive substances. It damages person’s life, including relationships.
Drug and Alcohol Deaths

The 10 Best Toys to Help Develop Motor Skills

It may seem like your child is growing up way too fast. But, as they age there are certain motor skills that they will develop: walking, jumping, pulling and feeding themselves. Every child is unique in the time they develop different abilities, outlined below are the average ages that a child will begin to learn these skills. You can expect your child to start stacking cubes by the time they reach 18 months, and with every day that passes your little one will grow and learn something new.

There are certain toys that can help further develop your child’s motor skills. The toys that are outlined are designed to help promote physical activity, coordination, balance and challenge them to think critically. Encourage your children to try new toys and watch them learn as they play.

The 10 Best Toys to Help Develop Motor Skills

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Emotional and Mental Issues in the Workplace

Clinical Partners put together this interactive infographic that takes a look at just how many company employees are dealing with emotional or mental issues in the workplace. Just enter the number of employees in the company and the infographic generates statistics on the number employees likely suffering burnout, depression, sex addiction, self harm, ADHD, drugs, […]

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