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The Evolution of iPhone & iCloud

The iPhone has come a long way since its debut in 2007. Additionally the company’s introduction of the iCloud has changed the way that users back up their smartphones. Take a look at how Apple’s signature phone has evolved and how to back up your iPhone: […]

Americans on Shopping for Electronics

The Americans start to spend more for electronics in 2015. The amazing 75% of the people will go shopping for new smartphones, tablets, smart watches, laptops and more. View the detailed information from the annual electronics study in this great infographic by



SmartPhones, Devoted Users

The infographic Smart Phones, Devoted Users offers a look at the characteristics and attitudes of those that own a smart phone.  Some of the key statistics from the infographic include:

65% of iPhone owners can not live without their smart phone
40% would rather give up coffee than their iPhone
18% would stop bathing everyday instead of giving up their iPhone
Cell phone owners that make […]

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