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Common Skincare Problems during the Rainy Season

The arrival of the rainy season means chiller days that makes people want to just curl up and hibernate on bed all day, and get cozy by wearing thick sweaters. However, rainy days also mean the hassle of wetting your shoes and clothes when you travel, which can lead to skin problems such as Athlete’s Foot, along with a range of skin problems.

Monsoon is a result of warmer land surfaces, expansi […]

Common Skincare Problems during the Rainy Season

The harmful rays of the sun are way much lesser during the rainy season than they were when it was summer. It may sound like skin is a lot safer during the rainy days. However, even the wet season canalso bring damage to skin–but in the form of skin problems.

The reason why monsoon presents more risk of having skin problems lies on the environment it creates. During the rainy season, the atmos […]

3 Natural Skincare Miracles In Your Kitchen Right Now!

We go through life constantly searching for that one product that’s going to clear up our skin, make pimples and blackheads vanish, and wash away splotchy skin tones. But what if the answer is already in our kitchens? Explore 3 of nature’s little skincare miracles. […]

The Top 3 Dermalogica Products

Top 3 Dermalogica Skincare Products […]

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