Seven Ways to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is the single largest obstacle for e-commerce retailers to overcome, and the extent of the problem is increased day by day. There are multiple reasons why your customer abandons a shopping cart. Obviously, it cannot be controlled entirely but it can be reduced to a certain extent. Want to turn potential customers into actual customers by reducing your shopping cart abandonment rate? Here are few simple tips which can help you to optimize it.To get more information, Visit at:

40 Supernatural Hacks to Build the Best Checkout Process

I have designed this infographic to share with you 40 easy ways to build the best checkout process and lower shopping.
Are you suffering from High Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate because of a poor checkout process?
A thoughtfully designed checkout process can radically improve conversions – turning visitors into buyers and tempt them into completing the purchase without abandoning their shopping carts midway.