Donald J. Trump’s resume

In this resume / infographic you can see who Donald Trump really is. It reveals both his personality and his career journey. Have you ever wondered where and what he studied? What was his very first job? Does he have any experience in politics? The top three strengths Trump would consider for himself are mainly in business. He considers himself a great businessman and negotiator. The infographic also mentiones four main things that Donald Trump is the most proud of. One of these is winning. He believes in himself more than anyone and he does seem to be successful at that. He also prides himself on seeing business opportunities where nobody else does. The main message this infographic brings accross is that a great resume really gives a clearer picture of a person. A great resume can get you a job in an area you don’t have much experience in, as long as you write the right content.

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The funny things job applicants used as the ice breakers on their resumes

Motivating someone through laughter is often a folly for a fool. To many people they wrongly think of the resume as an ice breaker and a way to connect to the insides of an organization, when nothing could be further from reality. As you can see in this infographic created by Almagreta, author of the templates professionally designed for your resume.

Using your talent and skill like a vaudeville act will certainly get you attention, but probably as an inside joke circulated around the HR water cooler.

Avoid costly comments that don’t spell out the value you present to that particular company; I mean if someone knocked on your door and instead of saying what they were there for told you that they could juggle balloons while painting, you would not think of them as the best for the job (even if they were in fact the best painter’s who also happen to be able to juggle while they paint).

Use your resume like a doorbell. Make it crisp and loud enough to get an answer, but not too loud that it gets ignored. Marketing yourself properly using a strategically created resume or CV will get many doors open for you, it’s when you are on the other side that your less than serious side can peek through the veil of professionalism and make eye contact with your colleagues.

Funny Resume Quotes