Best Medical Billing Service


Research suggests that in-house Medical Billing Services costs more than when it is outsourced to a Medical Billing vendor. Having a team of experts handle your billing will not only streamline and optimize your financial workflows, it will also earn you higher revenues. Take a look at some of the stats in this infographic which tells you how CureMD helps you get more! Lear more revenue cycle management.

How to Train for ICD-10 Codes?


Lately, I’ve come across a lot of Health IT vendors who are placating their clients by telling them to sit back, relax and let their EHR handle the ICD-10 transition. Though, the right EHR will play a crucial role in your ICD-10 success, a topic we will touch upon in the coming few days, please know there is no substitute for training and preparedness. Physicians and their staff must practice coding in the new environment and the sooner you adjust your workflows to make that happen the better.

On our part, we can only help you in your learning curve. Our Road to ICD-10 series did just that for most physicians. We helped you make crucial decisions regarding the future of your practice and also suggested ways to improve physician documentation to meet medical necessity under ICD-10 without landing up in fraudulent coding audits.

We also shared a freebie, a Common Code ebook, for some specialties to help you with your training. But please be advised that such coding books can only help you so far. You must make sure you learn the usage of ICD-10 codes and its corresponding documentation to avoid unnecessary payment disruptions come October 1. Read more Top EHR Reviews.