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Top 10 Sexiest Pinball Backglass Art

The aesthetics of a pinball backglass is merely for the effective advertising, eye-catching quality, and defining how the game’s nature would be. Backglass in pinball machine is referring to the glass panel within the front of the box, displaying the game’s title and game-themed illustration. Backglass arts were usually the most visible part of the machine, that’s why it should provide what the pl […]

Top 9 Weirdest Pinball Machine Designs

Over the years, pinball machines have been greatly innovated and tweaked to heighten the excitement to the classic gaming fun. Hence, the history’s most mechanical video game console is not closing its doors for evolution. Changes have varied depending on how the creator wanted to hype up the game: doubling the number of flippers, putting up some gorgeous art, vibrant digital displays, multiball m […]

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