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Racial Tolerance

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community -… […]

Asteroid mission

Asteroid mission :



And they speak loudly and slowly, to help you understand.

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Onion crisis

I am an infographist who has nothing better to do , but to spread the filth all around […]

Where Do the Jet Set Fly? America’s Busiest Air Routes

A interactive map of America’s most traveled air routes. Check out where people are flying. […]

Hong Kong Food Consumption

A brief data visualization of the frenetic lifestyle of Hong Kong people. From the hour of sleep to the fast food style illustrates briefly the situation. […]

Recalls: Does Business Insurance Cover the Risk?

This infographic provides a deeper look into business insurance and product recalls. […]

Solar System Planets and Dwarf Planets

Information on the Sun, planets and dwarf planets in the solar system, surface temperature, time taken to complete orbit the Sun, distance from the Sun, equatorial diameter and the number of satellites of each body. […]

The Hidden World of Elite Security Services [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Hepatitis: One million lives lost

Hepatitis: One million lives lost :




Chelsea :



Facebook Post Timing: Which Days of the Week Have the Best Engagement Rate Potential?

Facebook Post Timing: Which Days of the Week Have the Best Engagement Rate Potential?:



Urgent infrastructure works

Urgent infrastructure works:



Does Business Insurance Cover the Huge Risk of Product Recalls?

From: Bankrate Insurance’s


Survey: Workplace Productivity in America

As Labor Day looms, Red Bull poll finds workplace productivity diminishes before a holiday. Just how lacking in productivity are we? […]

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