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Approximately two billion light bulbs are sold each year in United State, but most people are still in dark when it comes to buying  these little light sources. For more stats about bulbs industry Visit: https://www.porch.com

Watt's Up Doc

Do you want to become a millionaire?

Do you want to become a millionaire? Do you want to become a millionaire if yes, then follow these steps:

1.    Don’t be over-obsessive for money
2.    Make a list of people you are helping
3.    Stop dreaming about money, instead start serving people


Refined Elements


Our products are created as works of art, yet, we engineer them to be functional and ergonomic for all guests. Every piece we produce for our clients is truly one of a kind, is crafted to embrace the beauty of nature, and is built to last generations. We may start with rustic salvaged wood but the finished product is refined functional art.


NaturZone Pest Control


NaturZone Pest Control performs an IPM inspired naturally oriented kid and pet safe pest removal approach. While it is often referred to as organic pest control, the goal we have is to provide outstanding pest management services while eliminating pesticide exposure to our customers, their children and pets.


Find out your own hair type with this infographic!

Knowing your hair type can be a tremendous help when choosing the best hair product. Getting the wrong product can even be damaging for your hair! That’s why we made a hair type infographic to help you with your quest to the ultimate product for your hair!

Impact Windows Or Hurricane Shutters

Impact Windows Or Hurricane Shutters?

In this infographic we wanted to highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of both impact resistant windows and storm shutters, which will help consumers during the decision process of which one to choose for their particular situation. It’s also not uncommon for homeowner’s to have both, as certain parts of your home may be a better fit for one of these hurricane protection devices.


Why Choose Appliance Repair Over New Replacement

Appliance Repair Or Replacement?

Once of the most common questions we hear from our customers is how do they decide whether it’s worth repairing their appliance or if they should just go out and buy a new one. That’s why we created this infograhic to help our customers and other consumers to make a more informed decision whenever any of their appliances break down. While in most cases it is cheaper to just hire an appliance repair company, there are some instances when it’s really not worth fixing and your money will be better spent on buying a newer and more energy efficient model.


The Top 5 Benefits Of Impact Windows

Top 5 Benefits Of Impact Windows

Most consumers have only heard about the most common benefit of impact resistant windows and that is that they are great for hurricane protection. But there are some other great benefits that homeowners will receive by investing in hurricane windows and doors, which are outlined in this infograhic.