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Comparing Reboots — Who Won?

Thirty years ago, in the ancient age of the 1980s, it seemed like once a movie franchise was done, it was done. Nobody immediately threw on Superman’s red cape after Christopher Reeve’s final outing. RoboCop got three movies and then was put out of commission for decades. As soon as a series had worn out its welcome, Hollywood moved on to the next big thing. But not these days. Now everything old […]

Top Movies of All Time

In this infographics we mention the top movies of all time and are still seen online and offline platforms by majority of people. […]

Top 10 TV Serials of all Time

In this infographic we have discuss about the top 10 television serials which are the favorite of the viewers of all time and it has the highest ratings. […]

Movies featuring on STARZ in July 2016

There are exciting new Hollywood movies now featuring on popular cable movie channel Starz. To help audiences with information on movies just added, this infographic has compiled the top-rated movies that movie buffs can’t afford to miss. The listed movies on this infographic belong to all major genres namely, action, thriller, western, comedy, romantic, drama, horror & sci-fi. There is no bet […]

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