Milk’s Journey – From the Cow to the Consumer

Milk’s Journey from the cow to the consumer includes the following steps: Step 1 : Cows Grazing, Step 2 : Harvesting Milk, Step 3 : Storing Milk, Step 4 : Transporting Milk, Step 5 : Lab Testing, Step 6 : Packaging and Step 7 : Distributing and Selling Milk. Each step is required and important to reach milk as healthy as is required for consumer. The main purpose of creating “How Milk gets from the Cow to the Consumer” infographic was to make familiar a common people about the process of milk processing. It will help to know the long process of milk production before consumption. The step from Cows Grazing to Distributing and Selling Milk is followed in dairy industry.

How To Start And Run A Dairy Business?

Having a dairy firm or business is much hard work but opportunities to make high profits also exist in dairy business. It is attracting numerous ambitious entrepreneurs. Starting a dairy business requires huge amount of money to buy required land, cows and buffaloes as well as advance milk processing machinery. It is a 24 hours, 7 days business.Dairy Business