Gambling Horoscope 2015

What does your Zodiac sign suggest you in 2015? Give up reading palms, read your fortune from our Gambling Horoscope 2015 Infographic instead! You’ll find out your Zodiac lucky days and lucky numbers in Slotozilla lucky horoscope for each Zodiac sign. Take a chance, get free lucky directions with our exclusive Gambling Horoscope for 2015!

How Google monitor online user activities.

It gives the impression that in the up-to-date age of the Internet, privacy is just not a likelihood. You may ponder it’s a good idea to safeguard all of your data in Google Drive – all of your pictures, videos and sensitive documents – up until you grasp that you aren’t the only one who has right to use them. Your data may be protected from everybody else but it is not safe from one tech giant: Google. Google Inc. spies on all of your cyber activities to judge you and form a profile of you to, maybe, “facilitate” your browsing experience. Bigoted? Maybe. But unfortunately for you, this tech giant is one that you just can’t do without. Your searching experience cannot be complete without Google, for sure.

Here are only a few of the ways Google Inc. spies on your data without you ever knowing:

  1. Email Accounts

The emails you give-and-take via your Gmail account are all simply accessible for Google. The revisions clearly state that Google’s system scans the content of emails stored on Google’s servers as well as those being sent and received by any Google email account, a practice that has seen the search company face criticism from privacy action groups and lawsuits from the education sector. All users of email must necessarily expect that their emails will be subject to automated processing and that’s what Google permitted of doing. Your emails are not only visible to you.

  1. Search Terms

Google knows whatsoever you search for in Google search box. That’s massively valuable information, not just for advertisers (which is why Google wants to collect it), but also — potentially — for hackers and identity thieves. It has a record of the times you’ve looked up hangover cures and searched weird symptoms to perform a self diagnosis. It knows that you looked up the address to the hospital to visit a loved one and it knows that you didn’t know the address to the funeral home a week later.

  1. Websites Visited

So, in case you didn’t know let me tell you that Google has got a comprehensive record of the websites you’ve been visiting from day one. This is also not concealed from Google.

  1. Android Device

Your Android device is leaking all of your data to Google as you breathe. It is surely a gateway for Google to know all about you. Google could be tracking and recording your every location on your Android device, and you may not even know it

  1. Web Apps

Google judges you by the kind of web apps you use, for what purposes and for how long. So, yes, that’s also not limited to you only.

  1. Mobile Apps

Like web apps, your mobile apps are helping Google form a profile about you based on the selections you make. Shortly, Google is judging you by every possible means.

  1. Social Media Accounts

Google checks out every activity of yours on all of your social media accounts – Google+, Facebook, Twitter, everything. Nothing you post, is out of sight of this tech giant i.e. Google.

  1. Online Shopping History

Google also has data about everything you purchase online – and is “kind” enough to send you ads of similar products on each website you visit

  1. Uploads and Downloads

You in all probability use Google Chrome as a web browser. Here’s something to it as well. Everything you upload to or download from Google Chrome is within Google’s grip. It’s not going to spare you even from that. Simply placed, there are very few corners of modern life that Google doesn’t touch.

Google monitoring

Source : TheOneSpy

How Much Content Can be Consumed with Comcast’s New 300gb Data Caps

Comcast has gotten significant publicity lately regarding their controversial expansion of their 300gb data cap program. Internet consumption per user is only increasing with the introduction of high definition video and downloadable games, so data caps have the huge potential of limiting what users can do online. An Internet comparison site did a quick study on how much content can be consumed under the new 300 gigabyte cap that is being rolled out.

Comcast Data Cap Infographic

How to choose a medical provider abroad when considering medical tourism?

Choosing medical care in a foreign country is a very important decision to make. A decision which comes with its risks, but also with tremendous advantages. As with any medical experience there are some risks that come along, and when the need to travel in a foreign country is added, you could says that these risks double.

There are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration and questions to ask before this experience. One of the most important ones is ‘How to choose a medical provider abroad when considering medical tourism?’. There are so many options, so many clinics and hospitals claiming to be the best, to have modern equipment and the highest trained medical staff. Tough choice to make!

UK Bound Part 3: Law School

Law school isn’t easy to get into, with only 2 schools in Singapore offering it (NUS & SMU). If you are dead set on becoming a lawyer, the UK is certainly a good choice. Here’s what you need to know to apply for UK law.

UK Law

There you go! Now you know how to apply for law in UK universities.

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The Big Friendly Phone Comes with Amazing Features Perfect for Older Generation

The revolution in simple handset design for Elderly. The Big Friendly Mobile Phone has measured every small need of the senior citizens while designing this phone. In case you are wondering that the phone is just for the elderly, think again! For everyone who fantasise a great handset and tired of little buttons or touch screens, this is a must buy. The phone wins across all the rating categories. Its stylish white and black design is attractive. Moreover, the simplicity of the desktop charger adds yet another feather to the phone. Immaculate engineering is all that one can say about big friendly mobile phone. So what are the main features that instigate you to buy this phone? After a profound research, we come up with the Infographic on why is the Big Button Mobile Phone a must buy for everyone!

Five Decades of Fashion

A fashion journey from leave-it-in-the-past crazes to trends that are still leading fashion today. Fashion retailer Simply Be provides a look into the past five decades of fashion before setting its sights on the future to see what you will be wearing.

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Do you like a girl? How can you tell if she likes you or not? It’s nerve-wracking isn’t it? Dating isn’t easy but something can help you: you can learn to read her body language and her behaviors! Knowing how to read someones body language can be very helpful especially when it comes to dating. Women (and men) are pre-programmed to send out physical clues when they’re interested in someone. Here’s a list of 30 signs of attraction, also known as indicators of interest. These are 30 clues that say she’s interested in you. For instance if she laughs at your joke, even when they aren’t funny, that can be a sign of attraction. If she punches your arm while laughing, that can be another sign of attraction. Of course, some signals are more important than others. For example tuning her body towards you is normal in a conversation but asking you if you have a girlfriend can be a very important clue. Remember this rule of thumb: you need to read these signals always thinking about the situation you’re in. The same signal in different situations means different things. Always use commons sense in order to evaluate the situation.

HIV & AIDS: Myths vs Facts Infographic

HIV is usually misunderstood as AIDS. HIV is a condition in which the virus stays in your body while AIDS is a condition where the immune system of the body goes below a certain level. It is common misconception that a person with AIDS is often on his death bed. AIDS is nothing but a critical condition wherein the immune system of a person is lowered. Many myths have been surrounding HIV and AIDS since many years. This has lead to many social and physical problems among different age groups in the society.

The Evolution of the PlayStation 4 Controller Infographic

Sony has been developing PlayStation games and consoles since 1994, when it first released the PlayStation in Japan. Since then, PlayStation has gone under a few major changes and redesigns, progressing through the PS2 to the PS3, and now the new PS4 will be released in December 2013. The new Dualshock Controller will have a touch pad and a movement sensor – brand new features added on to the classic PlayStation controller that we all know and love! The PlayStation controller has been black since the PlayStation 2 console released in 2000, and it looks like the new PlayStation controller will follow that trend. The first PlayStation controller that was completely wireless came out in 2006 with the PlayStation 3, and the new controller will also be wireless too – a common trend for all gaming consoles in our modern technology! The top selling PS3 game sold over 7.3 million units – Gran Turismo 5! Will a new Gran Turismo come out soon for the PlayStation 4? Since it was originally released, the PlayStation console sold 120.49 million consoled, the PlayStation 2 console sold 150 million units, and the PlayStation 3 console sold 57 million units. This new console releasing in 2013 may be what PlayStation needs to bring their sales back up with a new console, better features, faster hardware, and top of the line technology.