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Naperville Garage Door Repair has been repairing and installing garage doors in Chicago and the nearby areas for years and we have some of the best trained technicians in this part of Illinois.

2013 U.S Dog Attack Statistics

This detailed infographic provides insight into one of the nation’s most commonly reported health problems: dog bites. These statistics are important for both home owners and pet owners, and outline how these cases are covered by insurance companies, how many people are affected every year, and where a majority of the incidents occur. This information is crucial for anyone that has either been injured by a dog bite or is considering adopting or purchasing a dog.

With an estimated 70 million dogs living in households throughout the U.S, this information is an extremely important matter of public health.

Graves Mclain

2013 Dog Attack Statistics

The Reasons SEO Is Important For Businesses

infographic SEO for small businesses

SEO otherwise search engine optimisation is important for all companies that own a website. SEO is a technique used by SEO experts to rank a website high in the search engines. Google is the largest search engine, and receives billions oh hits by people seeking information or to purchase products. Everyone of us has heard the expression “Google it”, and imagine your website been on the first page when people are looking for the exact same product or service you sell. SEO is also costs less than traditional advertising. An infographic by Cheap SEO Service look over why search engine optimisation is important to every company who has a website.


The funny things job applicants used as the ice breakers on their resumes

Motivating someone through laughter is often a folly for a fool. To many people they wrongly think of the resume as an ice breaker and a way to connect to the insides of an organization, when nothing could be further from reality. As you can see in this infographic created by Almagreta, author of the templates professionally designed for your resume.

Using your talent and skill like a vaudeville act will certainly get you attention, but probably as an inside joke circulated around the HR water cooler.

Avoid costly comments that don’t spell out the value you present to that particular company; I mean if someone knocked on your door and instead of saying what they were there for told you that they could juggle balloons while painting, you would not think of them as the best for the job (even if they were in fact the best painter’s who also happen to be able to juggle while they paint).

Use your resume like a doorbell. Make it crisp and loud enough to get an answer, but not too loud that it gets ignored. Marketing yourself properly using a strategically created resume or CV will get many doors open for you, it’s when you are on the other side that your less than serious side can peek through the veil of professionalism and make eye contact with your colleagues.

Funny Resume Quotes

NBN vs Broadband vs Ethernet in Australia

NBN vs Ethernet vs Broadband

Want to put the speed of Australia’s NBN into perspective? Let’s compare it with Ethernet and standard broadband speeds. Whether you want to download movies, sync your important files and backup business documents, stream music or upload CAD files, the speed of your internet is vital. With the different types of Internet options available and technical jargon being thrown about, lets explain the speed differences in pictures and the real numbers.