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The History Behind Presidential Hair

Hail to the hair! Since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, America hasn’t just looked to its leaders for strength and guidance; we’ve also turned to the man in the White House for advice on all the hottest new hairstyles. Well … maybe not the hottest hairstyles — none of our presidents have ever been at the cutting edge of fashion. But for hundreds of years now, our presidents have te […]

The Revolutionary Hairstyles of Prince

When Prince passed away last month at the age of 57, he didn’t just leave behind a legacy of revolutionary, groundbreaking music. He also left behind a legacy of incomparable, taboo-shattering style. When it came to fashion, The Purple One was never afraid to go big, blur gender lines or flaunt his over-the-top sexuality. He created hundreds of completely unique looks that will forever be associat […]

Most Iconic Wrestler Hairstyles

PRO wrestling is without doubt one of the most entertaining spectacles you can watch today. With millions of fans from all over the world, looking like your favourite PRO wrestler is actually quite easy – just choose your favourite hairstyle and go with it! […]

Simple Infographic; Know Your Face Shape and Select or Avoid a Hairstyle

You have no need to measure your face from different angles using a ruler or tape to determine your face shape and select the right hairstyle for your face shape. I am not going to bother you by these techniques. I don’t mean that you have no need to determine your face shape; off course it is important for selecting the most suitable hairstyle. So we have simplified this process. You can determin […]

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