Protect your brand with brand protection data feeds from ThreatWave

Brands get abused daily – ThreatWave’s Brand Protection data feeds are used by national and global brands to identify malware, phishing attempts, spoofing, and other exploits. ThreatWave provides real-time brand protection data feeds, giving the whole picture of how your brand is being used in email – importantly looking beyond your own domains to find abuse in cousin domains and unrelated domains who take advantage of your brand’s integrity for their own benefit. For more info on how we can help you identify your online threats, provide brand protection data feeds, or leverage our data for your market intelligence, please contact us at

Protect your brand with brand protection data feeds from ThreatWave

A look at online gambling in Canada

Gambling as a past time has always been very popular with Canadians. 70.7% of Canadians gamble and 2.1% engage in internet gambling. In Canada, the commonly engaged forms of gambling are playing skill games “mostly poker” at 59.7% and lotteries at 23%. World wide poker is still the most popular form of online gambling. However at this point in time it is found that most males prefer sports betting and females, online bingo.

A look at online gambling in Canada

5 Dental Care Tips to Handle Dentures without Damaging Them [Infographic]

Dentures are very delicate and they need a lot of care. These 5 tips will help you in handling your dentures without damaging them.
Denture Care Tips

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San Diego Home Loans

Kevin Leonard is a home loans specialist in San Diego that provides mortgage financing for refinances or purchases. There are many types San Diego home loans to choose from. Whether you are looking for a FHA, VA, Jumbo or Conventional loan, Mr. Leonard or one of his team members can assist you. Learn more about home mortgages in San Diego by calling the office and speaking with a mortgage expert.

San Diego Home Loans

Mageworx Magento extensions developer

MageWorx.Com is a dynamic, market leading provider of Magento extensions. Founded in 2008, the company released a wide range of advanced modules that craft better experiences for store owners and their customers.

The company product portfolio lists innovative, top-performing solutions for SEO, effective product management, advanced store search, customer loyalty development, abandoned cart recovery and many other aspects of Magento store optimization.

The innovative approach to software development and longtime experience make MageWorx.Com the choice of 20K+ Magento stores around the world.

MageWorx Magento development – the company you can entrust your store to.

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Most Famous Nurses of All Time – Famous Nurses Infographic

Celebrate National Nursing Assistant Week With Famous Nurses from TV- Famous Nurses Infographic

Why we created this famous nurses infographic

Do you know that the June 12 – 19 2015 National Nursing Assistant Week will happen soon? This year, it will fall on June 12, but before this day unfolds, let’s check out some of the most famous nurses who made it big on their own in the healthcare industry. Some of them were seen on TV, giving us different images, based on their role portrayed. We can all remember real life nurses, including Juanita Redmond Hipps, Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Grace Neill.

Now if you want to become a famous nurse and inspire people, too, start with a great nursing personal statement in your application.


famous nurses infographic what we learn about nursing from the tv

We hope you enjoyed our Famous Nurses Infographic.

Leading scuba diving travel specialist and first-class tour operator

Leading scuba diving travel specialist and first-class tour operator

We arrange top quality diving holidays to over 40 destinations around the globe and offer a wide range of shore-based diving holidays, liveaboards and tailor-made dive trips including excursions.We are all experienced divers ourselves and understand what makes a supreme diving holiday. We choose our products selectively to create an extensive range of resort, hotel and diving options to suit our valued customers who are looking for that truly special diving holiday

How to really annoy a Graphic Designer

How to annoy a graphic designer

Graphic designers are often seen as relaxed individuals who go about their lives being creative and at one with the world. Yet when dealing with customers the designers once demur exterior can begin to crack, this is usually when a customer plays hard ball and does their utmost to wear down the designer. These are the top 10 issues which will cause your designer to blow their top.

The Herb Grower’s Guide

The Herb Growers Guide

If you’re like many people this time of year, you are enjoying the gorgeous May weather and starting your summer gardening. For our latest infographic we’ve given you a cheat sheet on how to grow all kind of delicious herbs either indoors or outside. From Basil to Thyme we’ve got you covered!

7 Ways to Keep Your Audience Riveted at All Times (Infographic)

Public speaking is frequently cited as one of the scariest and least enjoyable things we can do day-to-day. But that doesn’t need to be the case.– London Speaker Bureau


11 Iconic Sports Trophies You’ll Never Forget (Infographic)

How would you feel if you can hold a trophy of your favorite FIFA team or Superbowl team? Ecstatic? Seems to be impossible? Nothing is impossible. ‘Cause you are ‘possible’. —Veritas


Top 6 Qualities of Great Leaders


If you’ve ever wondered: “What are the more important leadership characteristics?”, “Which leadership qualities & traits should I be focusing on?”, “How can I become a better leader?” Then Ï’ve just the thing for you… Learn about the 6 most important leadership characteristics and qualities with this helpful ingographic – includes powerdul leadership quotes and advice.

The FA Cup Final: All You Need To Know

The FA Cup Final: Everything You Need To Know

The FA Cup is a the most-watched, widely-celebrated domestic cup competition in football, and has been around for over 140 years. Since 1872, when the Wanderers beat Royal Engineers 1-0 at the Kennington Oval, the FA Cup has grown in popularity massively – and is now viewed in over 100 countries! This year’s final sees two of the FA Cup greats face off for the title: 11-time champions Arsenal Vs. 7-time winners Aston Villa for a taste of FA Cup glory. The date to remember is May 30th, and the battleground is Wembley Stadium. London Designer Outlet have put together a fact sheet on everything you need to know about the final: the teams, the players, the iconic Stadium and the records that have been set and broken within its hallowed walls.