Five cons in Web design need to avoid


Web Designing is an art of coming up with the most interesting graphic design solution for a website which can successfully grab everyone’s attention. Website is crucial for any business right now for every business. Nowadays, the importance of the website in increased than before. There are some standards and as well as requirements to meet while designing a website for any kind of service. There are the five most mistakes or cons that degrades quality and appearance of a website. Source:


Since its origin, Angular 4 has attained a series of milestones with each update. These transformations have changed the face of Web Development altogether. In the current date, Angular 4 has the rightly customized features, that meet the requirements of the developers and the end users.

It was the year 2009 when Angular first appeared in front of the developers community. It was developed as a side project by two developers, Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. AngularJS was developed with the vision of an end-to-end tool for web designers to interact with both frontend and backend.

It’s 2017, Angular latest version 4 has already arrived and has changed a lot. Let’s have a look at the entire journey of Angular.

Wear your Angular armour, fuel your spaceship with all that is new, and plunge headlong into the Web Development space. Be ready to be the next Angular astronaut! To cover the breadth of Angular 4 concepts, you may explore ZeoLearn’s Instructor-led online training sessions and also access Angular 4 course materials. This will keep you abreast with the transforming web-development landscape.

Health & Fitness

Health is wealth and in today’s fast paced world, fitness is a word that has become a synonym to theword – Health. According to the today’s standard of living, being healthy denotes that they stay fit. One needs to maintain fitness in order to be in good physical shape these days.

How to Build a Patio Cover Step by Step

An infographic outlining the ordering process for a custom horse stable design from Stables Online. Stables Online are one of the premier stable manufacturers in the UK offering a range of metal-framed stables, external stables, field shelters, stable accessories and other related equestrian products. They also ethically source a choice of stable boarding options for stables which all require little or no regular maintenance.

How to Build a Patio Cover Step by Step

Infographic by How to build a lean to canopy or carport

Various Aspects to be considered for Interior Design

Certified interior designers have demonstrated through education, experience and examination their knowledge of the uniform building code as it relates to space planning, life safety, flammability and disabled access code issues. For more detail about interior designing, visit

USA Office Market Forecast 2017

In 2017 the US office market is expected to benefit from the higher consumer confidence and stronger dollar as well as the 110m sq ft of space that is to be released during the year. The new tech sector is expected to drive demand for larger properties and possibly overtake the financial and legal sectors.

USA Office Market Forecast 2017


Best Times to Post on Social Media

There has been a lot of speculation about what are the best times to post on social media. When are the best times to tweet? Why is the Facebook reach so low? Is anyone actually watching Linkedin news updates?
Several industry players, like Buffer who analysed 4.8 milion tweets and TrackMaven who did a study of 17.5 million social media posts, have tuned in the big data to find out patterns about digital human interactions.
This infographic is based on five individual studies about social media:
• TrackMaven study of 17.5 million social media posts: Link
• Buffer study of 4.8 million tweets: Link
• CoSchedule’s original data: Link
• Dan Zarrella’s Science of Timing Webinar: Link
•’s original data (potentially outdated as it’s from 2012): Link

It puts together the data for the most important networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Read more to find out about the worst times to post on social media, the best days of the week to post, and some recommendations by industry:
The Best Times to Post on Social Media infographic is designed for social media marketers, bloggers, online publishers who want to increase their visibility and traffic. To sum it up, these are the best hours of the day to post, by social network: Facebook (12 PM), Twitter (3 PM or 5 PM), Instagram (7 PM), Linkedin (business hours) and Pinterest (after midnight).

Best Times to Post on Social Media

Infographic by ReviveSocial

Mega Slots Excitement – The 8 Biggest Hit Casino Jackpots of 2016 & 2017

It seems that 2016 and 2017 are another record years for online casino and online slots entertainment, especially hitting jackpots. Based on the latest figures coming from the industry, it seems that a number of online slots enthusiasts have been turned into millionaires, and we are not complaining! In recent years, slot games have become a real ‘millionaire-maker’, dominated by top slot games designed and supplied by top software providers like Net Entertainment (NetEnt), Playtech and Microgaming. The jackpots vary by game provider, but the exciting results are all the similar – players ending the game with an enthusiastic smile and great memories to treasure. So in celebration of the recent winnings recorded in online casinos and online slot games, we count down the top 8 biggest (and most exciting) slot game jackpots won in 2016 and so far in 2017. As part of this, we’re also providing an infographic special: “Mega Slots Excitement – The 8 Biggest Hit Casino Jackpots of 2016 & 2017”.

Mega Slots Excitement – The 8 Biggest Hit Casino Jackpots of 2016 & 2017

Infographic by best online casinos

Log Home Maintenance Tips

If You’re In The Market For A Log Home Or Already Own One, Don’t Forget The Maintenance

While log homes are beautiful, they require much more work to maintain them than normal homes. Checking out your cabin’s exterior several times a year is very important when it comes to the upkeep of a log home. Pay close attention to areas that may be affected by water damage. For example the end logs, in connection areas for the roof, around windows, and if a deck is present, check it out closely as well.

To make sure maintenance is performed on a consistent basis, you should create a schedule and stick to it diligently. Log homes require significant investment, so it makes sense to pay attention to any maintenance needs. The material used in constructing log homes breaks down much easier than those used in some traditional homes. Because of this, log cabins require special attention. As a result, we’ve put together this PDF for you to consult with when considering any issues you may have with your log home.

Log homes aren’t new and have been around almost as long as the country has existed. They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. One reason is due to the improvements made in log home construction over the years. Log homes today are meant to last a lifetime. Log homes can be passed down from one generation to another with the confidence that they will last.

If you’re the type of guy or gal who prefers a unique home owning experience, a log cabin may be the home for you. Unlike typical cookie-cutter style homes most people buy, a log home tells people you’re a different kind of person. You’re the kind of person who likes to make his path instead of following others. In the United States of America, that go-getter mindset will always be respected.

Log Home Maintenance Tips

Infographic by Log Home Maintenance

Who Did You Say Is Listening to My Cell Phone Calls?

Have you ever wondered how secure your cell phone calls are, or wondered if someone could eavesdrop on what you were saying?

It’s not just a question for the paranoid. It’s a question that everyone should ask, and here’s why.

Anyone with your cell phone number has the ability to hear your calls, read your texts and track your location (even if GPS is turned off).

Who is Able to Listen to My Cell Phone Calls?
Who is Able to Listen to My Cell Phone Calls? Created By:

How to Secure Your Apartment from the Internet of Things?

Any device that can connect to the Internet and/or another device is part of the Internet of Things. The obvious ones are computers, cell phones and tablets. You might also think of wearable technology, headphones, TVs and printers. Other IoT devices include smart-home devices, thermostats, coffee makers, washing machines and refrigerators. Even more connected devices include cars, heart monitors, farm animals or pets that have biochips, city transportation systems and power supply systems.

As the availability of Wi-Fi expands and the cost of devices goes down, more and more gadgets are connecting to the Internet of Things.

How to Secure Your Apartment from the Internet of Things
How to Secure Your Apartment from the Internet of Things Created By:

Zika Virus

The Zika virus has made global news as it brought deaths, birth defects, and numerous health concerns. It has created problem after problem, with no clear solution or end in sight. Even now, with Zika having been around for a while, there are issues going on every day.

Zika Virus

Infographic by Zika virus

Udemy Coupon – Guide To Grab Best Online Courses

Do you want udemy coupon right? In the smart world, smart people have started their education towards online, which makes them be extra qualified through the tutorial sites as well as it saves the time. Many branded tutorials give the necessary details in a prescribed manner tends to cover all the concepts faster and easier.Try udemy coupon and coupon codes to get the discount price. Udemy is the best online tutorial site, and you can learn many things from this course as I am assuring you. The instructor will teach you all concepts in step by step manner.

Udemy Coupon – Guide To Grab Best Online Courses

Infographic by udemy coupon