How To Choose a Perfect Gift Idea for Hanukkah Festival?

Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights is one of the most recognized Jewish holiday. The sharing of Hanukkah gifts among loved ones is important and thoughtful. An infographic from jJudaica helps you to choose a perfect gift for Hanukkah and make your loved ones happy.

Lederhandschuhe – Infografik von Dents


Handschuhe haben sich mit den Menschen entwickelt, die sie trugen. Diese Infografik wurde von zur Verfügung gestellt. Das traditionsreiche englische Unternehmen Dents bietet stilvolle, elegante #Lederhandschuhe vom Feinsten.

The 10 Best Toys to Help Develop Motor Skills

It may seem like your child is growing up way too fast. But, as they age there are certain motor skills that they will develop: walking, jumping, pulling and feeding themselves. Every child is unique in the time they develop different abilities, outlined below are the average ages that a child will begin to learn these skills. You can expect your child to start stacking cubes by the time they reach 18 months, and with every day that passes your little one will grow and learn something new.

There are certain toys that can help further develop your child’s motor skills. The toys that are outlined are designed to help promote physical activity, coordination, balance and challenge them to think critically. Encourage your children to try new toys and watch them learn as they play.

The 10 Best Toys to Help Develop Motor Skills

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Top 5 Facts About Bullying: Infographic

There has been a lot of attention paid recently to bullying. See below for the infographic that shows the top 5 statistics about bullying. The reason bullying deserves this kind of attention is because according to these statistics 75% of school shooting have been linked to bullying. No one should have to put up with bullying. If you or know someone who is being bullied a good government resource is Here is a breakdown on the statistics inside the infographic if you prefer it I writing. 15% – 30% Of students are bullies or victims of bullying. Approximately 3.7 million youths engage in, and more than 3.2 million are victims of, moderate or serious bullying. 75% of school-shooting incidents have been linked to bullying. Physical bullying increases in elementary school, peaks in middle school and declines in high school. Verbal abuse, on the other hand, remains constant. The statistics are shocking since it seems bullying causes many issues. It’s interesting that eventually physical bullying increases in elementary school, peaks in middle school, and declines in high school. What is shocking is that verbal bullying doesn’t seem to end. Please comment on this bullying infographic and share this information. My goal by bringing these statistics in infographic form that it will raise awareness by people sharing this information.

Watch Brands Infographic

Here at Plain Paper Box, we love watches. We understand that, while some of our customers are familiar with our favorite watch brands, many are not. Here are some of our favorite brands and what we love about them. Now, we have an easy-to-reference graphic to tell you a little about each of our brands. From luxury to fashion, they’re all here.

The Big Friendly Phone Comes with Amazing Features Perfect for Older Generation

The revolution in simple handset design for Elderly. The Big Friendly Mobile Phone has measured every small need of the senior citizens while designing this phone. In case you are wondering that the phone is just for the elderly, think again! For everyone who fantasise a great handset and tired of little buttons or touch screens, this is a must buy. The phone wins across all the rating categories. Its stylish white and black design is attractive. Moreover, the simplicity of the desktop charger adds yet another feather to the phone. Immaculate engineering is all that one can say about big friendly mobile phone. So what are the main features that instigate you to buy this phone? After a profound research, we come up with the Infographic on why is the Big Button Mobile Phone a must buy for everyone!

8 minute Digital Detox With Tea

Art of Tea is an award winning boutique importer and wholesaler of organic tea and specialty teas. This Infographic is about 8 minute Digital Detox With Tea. Art of Tea provides teas to high end restaurants, hotels, spas, teahouses, cruise lines, the gourmet sector and specializes in custom blends.


Five Decades of Fashion

A fashion journey from leave-it-in-the-past crazes to trends that are still leading fashion today. Fashion retailer Simply Be provides a look into the past five decades of fashion before setting its sights on the future to see what you will be wearing.

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Do you like a girl? How can you tell if she likes you or not? It’s nerve-wracking isn’t it? Dating isn’t easy but something can help you: you can learn to read her body language and her behaviors! Knowing how to read someones body language can be very helpful especially when it comes to dating. Women (and men) are pre-programmed to send out physical clues when they’re interested in someone. Here’s a list of 30 signs of attraction, also known as indicators of interest. These are 30 clues that say she’s interested in you. For instance if she laughs at your joke, even when they aren’t funny, that can be a sign of attraction. If she punches your arm while laughing, that can be another sign of attraction. Of course, some signals are more important than others. For example tuning her body towards you is normal in a conversation but asking you if you have a girlfriend can be a very important clue. Remember this rule of thumb: you need to read these signals always thinking about the situation you’re in. The same signal in different situations means different things. Always use commons sense in order to evaluate the situation.

Funny Infographic about IRS Refund

According to a lot of reliable resources, 75% of Taxpayers receiving Tax refund in 2013. Do you have any plan to use this amount of money, things like: home renovation, education, personal training or just saving? Let’s discuss this topic after taking a look at our infographic.