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Condo Values Near the University of Texas Austin

Condo Values Near the University of Texas Austin infographic
Statistics of condo sales in the West Campus area of UT Austin. Data provided includes sales volume year over year, median prices and more market statistics that would be useful to anyone looking to buy or rent a condo in the area.

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Open a Free Plus500 Demo Account in Three Easy Steps

Open a Free Plus500 Demo Account in Three Easy Steps Infographic
Find out details on how to open a Plus500 demo account. Practice with the demo mode of Plus500 before trading with real money. There are two way to open a demo account. First one is, you download the Window Trader version & install in your computer.

Second one is Web Trader version, where you can trade online & you need n […]

Top 10 Business Funding Options

Business growth requires a proper execution – and sufficient resources. Raising capital for growth is what business owners – including startup founders – should do; it’s obvious. However, acquiring one is a challenging endeavor. To help you out, here are 10 best funding options that you should consider.

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Can You Get a Car Loan with No Down Payment

Can you get a car loan with no down payment? Finding answer? CarLoanApproval offers auto financing without down payment in Canada. Visit us to get a free quote. […]

Six Reasons Why You Should Get a Payday Loan

If you are facing tough financial difficulties, a payday advance loan might be your best option in getting your finances on track temporarily. These loans are meant to help you pay unexpected bills and other emergency expenses.
The majority of payday lending institutions work well past regular banking hours and often have easy-to-use websites that allow you to apply for loans from the comfort of […]

Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

Over the last couple of years with interest rates at a 40-year low, many people refinanced their mortgages. Even though rates have crept up over the last couple of months, refinancing may make sense for you. Use our refinance calculator to analyze your situation today!
There are many refinance mortgage loan programs such as HARP refinance mortgage loans, Reverse Mortgages, FHA streamline refinanc […]

The Future of Mobile Payments

It’s obvious that mobile payments are replacing traditional payment methods at an unprecedented rate, but will our phones soon replace our wallets? It may happen sooner than you think! Mobile payments are providing consumers with increased security, easy of payment and efficient tracking, using a device most of us carry around already. Because of this, the number of merchants accepting mobile paym […]

Infographic: Payday Loans vs. Personal Loans – How Much Money Will You Lose?

Think you know the difference between Payday Loans and Personal Loans? This infographic shows just how much the difference can cost you.

Want to get a legit loan? is the largest network of legitimate lenders in the Philippines. Our team of Loansolutions Concierges are happy to help you with the whole Personal Loans processing, from application to approval. We’re here to find lo […]

Sunshine Today, Rain Tomorrow: Are We Underestimating The Cost Of Retirement?

Are we sleep walking into a retirement crisis? It would seem so according to our survey of over 100 UK adults. We asked our survey respondents how much they would need to save in their pension pots to produce an average level of income in their retirement of £17k a year. The results didn’t paint a rosy picture as our respondents underestimated the amount of income required by a whopping £108k. Des […]

Instant Online Good & Bad Credit Car Loans helps good people with bad credit. Get the loan you need for the car you really want easily online. 95% of employed or self-employed applicants are approved online… then pick your new car. Easy and simple. $0 Down option is available. Apply now. […]

How to Teach Finance to Teens?

As kids head into their teenage years, they’re going to be getting their first taste of freedom, and that includes financial freedom. This is when they’ll really start making big money decisions on their own — decisions that could severely alter their financial futures for good or for bad. Find out how to start teaching teens the basics of personal finance responsibility from this infographic by F […]

How to Teach the Basics of Finance to Kids?

As your children grow, so does their understanding of money. Even though most financial habits are ingrained in us by the time we turn 7, there are still plenty of lessons — good and bad — that you can impart on your children after that. Those lessons can determine the way they’ll handle their financial responsibilities for the rest of their lives.

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Teaching Toddlers Finance – The Basics

During our childhood, we have to deal with numerous financial milestones, like for example opening bank account or simply figuring out how the economics actually work. Parents can make this process a lot easier by teaching toddlers finance! Want to find out how this is done, check out this infographic prepared by the! […]

The most popular cars (TOP5) for people with small & average family income!

The ranking of the best cars for US residents: TOP 5 the most popular autos which people with low income like to buy. And TOP 5 the most popular automobiles which Americans with average and high family income buy more often. The official rating of the 2016 year. The infographic includes car prices, horsepower, configurations, main benefits and dislikes. Nissan Versa & Lexus RX 350 are the most […]

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Sell During A Stock Market Panic

Stock market corrections are a natural part of the market cycle. However, they can still be a scary time for investors, especially when the media starts going through their usual routine of publishing sensationalist headlines.
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