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India’s Contribution to Steel Industry

China was on the top position in the crude steel producer in 2014 but India’s contribution should not be avoided. The crude steel production in India was increased from 2000 to 2014-15 & it has become 3rd largest producer in the world in 2015. […]

Around the World in 52 Stats (Infographic)

Some people say it’s a small world. But it’s actually quite big, and it’s teeming with amazing geological stats*.

Join Property Turkey on a journey around the world, looking at some of the world’s best known geo-features […]

50 Amazing Facts About the Cost of Living Around the World (Infographic)

A slim physique in Sri Lanka costs just $11.92 a month for a grm membership but in Qatar you can expect a whopping $142.02 a month for a similar membership and if tennis is your sport, best avoid Kuwait, where court hire is a massive $45.81 per hour.

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50 Amazing Animal Facts That Will Blow Your Mind (Infographic)

Planet Earth is home to around 1 million known species of animal. From insects to whales and everything in between. With such variety, there’s no surprise that many animals have some wondrous traits. From the bizarre to the awe-inspiring, these are 50 of the most amazing facts about animals.

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Sex Facts and Figures about Men in America Use the Coupon Code FUN50 at the checkout at Adam & Eve to get 50% OFF almost ANY single item plus FREE discreet shipping, 3 FREE DVDs, and a Mistery Gift. What men doesn’t like sex? Across America, men are thinking about it, talking about it and experiencing it. How do the numbers break down for males in the US? From how many guys have tried anal sex to how o […]

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