Amazing facts you need to know about Google & Facebook

So you run a business and confused as to what is the best way to market it online. According to recent trends, Google SEO and Facebook ads are the most preferred platforms when it comes to marketing a business online.

We at Intelegain have tried our hands to explains the pros and cons of Google SEO and Facebook ads, helping you to make an informed decision. Refer the infographic for more information. Happy Marketing!

Facebook or SEO: Which is Better?

Two primary marketing channels for webmasters these days are SEO and social. Though, let’s be honest here; when we talk about social marketing, we’re mostly just talking about Facebook. Sometimes Twitter squeezes in, and sometimes LinkedIn, Google+, and a few others pop their heads in, but Facebook is where it’s at.

There’s a bit of a misconception out there that you should focus your efforts on one or the other. Facebook marketing is part of an overall large marketing plan. So is SEO, which is itself comprised of onsite factors and external content marketing and link building.

Savvy marketers know that you can do all of this together. You can do paid ads on and off Facebook, you can do link building that involves both social networks and blogs, you can work with organic SEO, and a lot more. However, for the sake of this post – and the graphicwe’re comparing Facebook marketing with organic SEO.

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Utilising Social Media to Market Your Business

Knowing which social media platform you need for your business can be tricky, but with this infographic from you should be able to see which ones would work for your business based on target audience, best times of day for social interaction, best uses of marketing and the reasons behind success.
There are a multitude of social media boards to choose from, but you shouldn’t just choose one and hope for the best. Some platforms work better for some businesses than others. For example statistics show that Twitter’s fastest growing demographic is 55-64 year olds. If most of your customer base are aged between 25 and 34, then perhaps Facebook would be a better option for you because the majority of their users are that age.
Similarly, if you know that most of your customers are in a similar line of work then perhaps growing your circles on Google+ would be advantageous because 70% of business brands have a presence on Google+. Plus setting up a LinkedIn profile could be advantageous if you have knowledge that your client base are mostly males with graduate level education.
Knowing your audience is a necessity when faced with a choice for social interaction, but you should know your business too. For example if you feel that creativity is a big part of your business then using Instagram and YouTube could definitely be an option for your business as every day 55 million posts are shared and 1.2 billion likes are given. On YouTube 500 years of videos are watched every day and 100 hours of video are uploaded each minute.
If you have a lot of information to share that is relevant to your business then it may be wise to start a blog. Statistics show that companies with a blog have 97% more inbound links. Also consider e-mail marketing as consumers spend 138% more than people who don’t receive e-mail marketing messages.

Talk to Me – Stats about Facebook Fan Page [Infographic]

Response Time

  • 50% of all pages respond within the first 12 hours.
  • The fastest 10% only need 0.7h, 50% takes longer than 13.2h and the slowest 10% take 75h.

Service Level

  • 11% of all pages react to 100% of the fan posts.
  • 50% respond to more than 25%.
  • 36% do not react to posts of their fans.

See more about these stats from this infographic shared by FanPage Karma.