A Remote Worker’s Guide To Staying Healthy

Remote work, or working from home. A common dream that is becoming more and more a reality. When most people think about working in a home environment, they think they will be able to wake up late, work in their pajamas, not worry about traffic jams and so on; basically, do whatever they want. And, while that may be partially true, working remotely can have an effect on your physical health. That’s why it is important for remote developers to stay active and healthy, and that’s what we’re discussing today.

Granted, there are a lot of developers who take good care of themselves and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. If you are one of them, you can skip the rest of this post, because I wrote it to help developers like myself, who could benefit from a healthier lifestyle. Even if you are entirely focused on your career, and think you don’t have enough spare time to lead a healthy lifestyle, bear in mind that good physical health will also boost your productivity.

Having worked remotely for four years, I have a few tips for newcomers and those who already work from home, but don’t want to sit around when they’re not working. Keep in mind that everything I’m about to say isdrawn from personal experience and from things I’ve learned; I am not a doctor or trainer in any way.

Routines Are Important For Remote Workers

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