Amazing News! Santa Claus Decided To Change His Appearance!

Time flies and our lives change fast. We get used to Santa’s red suit, stocking cap, white beard and boots. But Mr. Claus wants to show you, that he is no longer old-fashioned. He is opened to new styles and looks.

Santa checked Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts of well-known people to find inspiration for his new style. Of course, it’s not so easy to choose the best look from dozens of others! So Mr. Claus took 9 photos depicting his different looks and the Unplag plagiarism checker team was exclusively given the right to show you these photos.

Have you any ideas what famous person Santa tried to follow in each pic? Which look is the best?

P.S. Mrs.Claus told her husband to stop imitating others and discover his own original look. That one with red suit and stocking cap was just okay from the beginning. Do you agree with it?