Strategic Priorities for Omnichannel Retailers over next 3 years


Stores remain the center of Action

  1. Experiential kiosks with augmented reality, interactive digital displays, digital signage, location based personalization, are multiple initiatives retailers are considering for 2015 and beyond
  2. Digital Advisory Sales Tools and technologies to equip associates with in-the moment 360-degree view on customer, enterprise level inventory information, mobile PoS and in-built intelligence to provide the right recommendations (product recommendations/ substitutes/ alternate fulfillment options etc.) are very much on the cards

Initiatives around customer analytics, insights and personalization in-store and on digital channels

2015 is definitely expected to be the year when many retailers’ insights and big data initiatives are expected to start producing results that truly up the game when it comes to context-aware marketing and personalization.

Cross-channel integration, Flexible and Fast Fulfillment

Cross-channel integration is expected to see a good amount of investment, specifically in terms of added fulfillment choices for the customer through enabling stores to double up as fulfillment hubs.

IT Security and security management

Over 75% of retailers are either already investing in threat management, vulnerability and data security solutions or tightening their internal Identity and access management solutions.

Investments in online channels – re-platforming/ platform upgrade, responsive design, international websites, marketplace etc.

Internationalization is a factor that has forced some retailers to relook their existing commerce platforms. It poses the need for an upgrade / transition to platforms that support the multi-language and multi-tenant requirements and also, in some cases, the marketplace needs that come with this strategy.

Customer Mobility – better apps, responsive design, better features, mobile payments, in-store mode etc…

Mobile becomes a pivotal touch point for retailers in connecting online and in-store experiences. It’s all about re-visiting the mobile experiences delivered to their customers and ensuring they are personalized, in context, location-aware and cutting edge.

A host of retailers are testing variants of Beacon based implementations and Digital payments like Apple Pay, Google Wallet.

How B2B Businesses Are Tackling Social Media In 2015

Social media as an inbound marketing channel is delivering rich rewards for businesses that are optimizing its use. The deliverables from social media marketing include improved brand awareness, better sales, increased customer loyalty and a whole lot more. There is absolutely no doubt that social media holds tremendous potential for both B2C and B2B businesses.

This infographic is an attempt to flesh out the benefits of social media for B2B businesses. It gives a visual overview of social media deliverables, top social media sites, tips to leverage social media and a whole lot more. It is a must read if you want to know why you must use social media to empower your business and how you can go about optimizing its use. So go ahead and take a look.

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The Importance of Employee Engagement

Its fascinating learning about the impact employee engagement can have on a company’s bottom line. It is amazing how engaged employees outperform those who are not engaged by up to 202%. It really is astonishing how some companies don’t recognize the importance and benefits of engagement when the figures speak for themselves. This info graphic is all about employee engagement importance and how much money a lack of employee engagement is costing companies.

The Importance of Employee Engagement

Infographic Source: Engaged2Perform


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5 Main Seo ranking factors on 2015

5 Main Seo ranking factors on 2015

What can we expect from Google in 2015? We take a look at SEO Trends will help increase your local ranking . Plenty of algorithm changes to how local results are displayed, Having a mobile friendly website and strong social presence will helps in ranking your website on 2015.