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Partner Visa Costs Compared Around The World

Australian partner visa application fees are currently at $6,865 and this project is about tracking the increase from 2004 to 2016.

Included is also a comparison of processing times compared with North American, European and Asian nations.

Your Career in the Fashion Industry

Do you have a passion for fashion? Can you spend hours looking through fashion magazines? If you think that your career may be in the fashion industry but you are not sure where to start, this infographic is right for you. It visualises some interesting facts about working in the fashion industry, as well as the skills you need, if you want to start your career in this fascinating area. This infog […]

How to choose a company name in Australia

How do you choose a company name when registering a company in Australia? What are the differences between a company and business name? What is and isn’t acceptable and how will your company name be used?

The team at LawPath have created a simple infographic with all the answers you’re looking for.


Top 10 Interpersonal Skills to Land You that Dream Job

This interactive infographic visualizes what interpersonal skills are and when will you need them the most. Having interpersonal skills is especially important when you are looking for job ;

Top 10 Interpersonal Skills byOpen Colleges […]

Grand Theft Australia – Car Theft in Oz

When it comes to theft, who won the Holden V Ford debate? What about monster vehicles – how many cranes, bull dozers or tractors were pinched? Find out all this and more in the definitive Infographic on vehicle theft in Australia in 2013!


The Sate of Accidents in Australia

This infographic created by Australia Wide First Aid is of various Government statistics to highlight the main high risk areas causing Australian injuries. Transport, Drug and Alcohol Consumption, Domestic and Work related accidents cover our biggest risk areas. Australia Wide First Aid is determined to provide greater awareness and assist in preventative measures to minimise these risks; the less […]

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