Study About Height Discrimination in 5 Aspects

This study shows the height discrimination in 5 aspects – happiness, sexual attractiveness, marriage, career and politics. Shorter men are often sidelined in the workplace, when it comes to promotions and higher salaries. The lack of confidence also affects short men ability to get into a relationship, and they sometimes end up being single. Women usually look for men who can offer protection. They also are searching for someone who can offer good offspring and as a result have good genes. A man who is taller may represent that to a woman.

This study reflects why many celebrities and successful businessmen wear height increasing insoles especially in the public. Even though the consequences of heightism on short people can be decreased by using popular methods like shoe lifts or fashion tricks, it would be more ideal if individuals can accept people on how they really are rather than judge.

Infographic by height increasing insoles

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