Sonus International – A best Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer
To Produce Pharmaceutical Products such medicines, drugs or Tablets, many Pharmaceutical machines are available. Sonus International manufactures a wide range of such pharma machines in India. Here listed the some of the products of it.
Tablet Machine
Tablet Machine converts powder into Tablet of regular size and weight. It has the capability to produce tablets from 250,000 to more than 1,000,000 per year.
Blister Packing Machine
Blister packing machine used is for unit-dose packaging for pharmaceutical tablets, capsules or lozenges. Sonus International provides different machines like blister sealing machine, blister packing machine, and alu alu blister packing machine.
Rapid mixer granulator
Rapid Mixer granulator is used in pharma industry to mix various ingredients properly to produce tablets and its also known as high shear mixer. Sonus rapid mixer granulator mixes accurately which made manufacturing speed faster.
Capsule Printing Machine
Capsule Printing Machine is used to print date price etc. details of capsules on capsule pack. Sonus’s Capsule printing machines are automatic and Capsules are fed, printed or ejected in less than a minute in it.
Filling Machine
Filling Machine is particularly manufactured to fill capsules in the packages or fill bottles, bags, and pouches. such filling machines are available as Automatic, Semi automatic or manual filling machine.
Labeling Machine
Labeling machine is used to stick a label on capsule packet and these are sticky in nature. Sonus automatic labeling machines are designed such a way that either bottle is small sized or round in shape, label can be fixed properly.