Planning a Perfect Pamper Party

Planning a Perfect Pamper Party

Planning the perfect pamper party on weekend can be a tad daunting for even the most experienced of us. But fear not, with our tried and tested tips you’ll be sure to plan a hen do to remember. Read on to learn how it’s done..

1. Keep her Happy:

The bride is unlikely to have much time to help with the planning, but that doesn,t mean you have free reign to plan the night of your dreams.

2. Budget Busters:

Not everyone will be able to splash out on a full weekend, so if a lot of the hens are on a tight budget, you may need to look at keeping costs to a minimum. There are plenty of activities you can do that won’t break the bank.

3. Play it Safe

Be upfront and clear about anything that’s non-refundable. Gathering extra money if someone drops out is a nightmare. So consider asking everyone for a few extra dollars just in case. If on the day it’s not needed, it can go in the drinks kitty.

4. Dress code

Whatever you choose, make sure that the bride-to-be stands out, whether she’s got a special sash, a silly hat, or whatever suits her personality.

5. Enjoy

Remember, a hen party is supposed to be fun for everyone, even you as planing extra-ordinate. There’s bound to be a couple of hiccups, but try not too stress too much.
Relax and enjoy that glass of champagne. You’ve earned it.

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