Pull up your window blinds to enjoy the view or the sun in winter months or pull them down for the privacy – window blinds are the most useful of features in a home. The simple and easy operation of window blinds has made them a common fixture in Australian homes.

The performance of exterior window blinds and interior window blinds goes much beyond the privacy issue. Both interior and exterior blinds add to the comfort level in the home by providing shade and preventing heat gain in the building.

Performance of Exterior Window Blinds:

Exterior window shading directly controls the solar heat that enters a building structure, effectively reducing the heat gain and adding to the comfort levels within. When exterior Venetian Blinds are used, the slats can be opened or closed as required depending on the angle of the sun’s rays. So during the day, the slats in the window blinds may be closed completely to keep out the sun or left partially open at an angle to let in ambient light but still prevent heat gain.

Installing exterior window blinds prevents the building from getting heated up during the hot summer months thus reducing the energy used to maintain the air-conditioning systems. However, effective performance of exterior window blinds depends on the control system used to set up the blinds for optimal solar control and to allow the right amount of light infiltration. As such, adjustable Venetian blinds are a good option for exterior shading.

Performance of Interior Window Blinds:

Interior window blinds can keep out the summer heat and retain the warmth in the winter months. Interior blinds deflect the light which would have otherwise entered the room and would be converted into heat. But how efficient is the performance of interior window blinds in reducing the heat gain in the room depends upon the colour of the fabric used. Silver or light coloured blinds reflect more light as compared to dark coloured shades.

How well interior blinds work also depends on how well your windows work. Do they close properly without leaving gaps? Are they well insulated? In winter you wouldn’t want the heat to be lost due to poorly insulated windows. Factors such as these are crucial to decide the performance of interior window blinds.

Generally speaking, interior window blinds keep the house cooler during summer and during the day and warmer during the nights and winter months. And of course, they afford the privacy, as well as the light and views as per your choice.

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